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What is the best set up to fish from a pier?

For successful pier fishing, particularly when targeting bass, there are several key pieces of equipment and techniques that can enhance your chances of a good catch.

Firstly, let's talk about equipment. A versatile baitcasting or spinning setup is essential. For baitcasting, a medium-heavy rod with fast action, paired with a reel that has a good drag system, will give you the power and sensitivity needed for fishing around structures. Spinning gear can be used as well, especially for finesse techniques; a medium power rod with a fast action is a good choice. As for line, fluorocarbon in the 10 to 20-pound test range is often recommended due to its low visibility and good sensitivity.

Now, onto techniques. Based on the video context provided, here are some strategies:

  1. Water Clarity Consideration: As Randy Blaukat mentioned, water visibility is crucial when fishing bridge pilings. In clearer water (ideally 3 to 10 feet visibility), bass are more likely to suspend and use the structure for cover. In such conditions, a swimbait or a drop shot rig can be very effective.

  2. Targeting the Right Areas: Focus on the upstream and downstream sides of the pilings, as well as the sides. These areas often hold bass looking for current breaks and food. Parallel casts to the structure can be very effective.

  3. Lure Selection: Depending on the species of bass and water clarity, your lure choice may vary. For mixed species lakes with clear water, small swimbaits and drop shot rigs can be effective. For largemouth bass, consider using jerkbaits like the Megabass Vision 110 or topwater walking baits if the water is clear.

  4. Fishing Boat Docks: When fishing around boat docks, look for metal pilings, steel cables, and man-made structures. These can hold more fish than the docks themselves at times. Creature baits that skip well, such as the Yum Christie Critter, can be flipped around these structures with a consistent weight like a 5/16 ounce to maintain accuracy.

  5. Finesse Techniques: For docks, using finesse techniques with lighter line (10 to 12-pound fluorocarbon) can be effective. Work the bait from the outside in, targeting key areas like corners and gaps between pilings.

Remember, the approach can vary based on the specific conditions you're facing, so it's important to adapt and experiment. If you're fishing in an area with current, don't assume bass will only be behind pilings; they can be all around, so cover different angles.

Always be ready to adjust your techniques based on what the bass are responding to and the conditions of the day. Happy fishing!

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Bridge Pilings…How To Catch Every Bass Living Around Them… by Intuitive Angling With Randy Blaukat my opinion number one is the species of bass that you have in the lake and number two is the water visibility because that's going to dictate technique a lot for the most part you're going to find that bridge piers are not that effective if you have dirty water I've never really done that good on bridge Piers if you've got less than two foot of visibility it just seems like the fish don't suspend around them and use them quite as much now they will use some of the shallow Piers like if you got some Piers that are in shallow water next to the bank under on a bridge sometimes they get on that but the deeper pilings and the piers not so much there so you really need to have water visibility I like it between say three to ten foot visibility ideally if you gave me you said okay Randy what's your best water visibility for fish and Bridge Piers I would say four to five foot Clarity is where a lot of fish use them now the thing about it is if you have um a lake that has a mixed species specifically a big spotted bass population these fish will school in big numbers around these piers and not just the peers but like I said before they'll suspend underneath the bridge in the shade so one of the things when you're fishing piers before we get into that
The Best Techniques To Catch Bass Behind Boat Docks… by Intuitive Angling With Randy Blaukat hey guys welcome back to another edition of intuitive angling thanks very much for taking a little time out of your day to watch the video and today we're gonna expand on some of the stuff we've been talking about boat docks and we're going to talk about fishing like the metal pilings the man-made structures and the steel cables that type of stuff that are around the docks because a lot of times the stuff that actually attaches to the dock can be more productive than the dock especially this time of year so we're going to give you guys a little tour and show you guys how i like to fish that so here we go okay guys here's some examples of what we're talking about as far as where you have steel pilings a lot of metal cables that type of stuff around docks themselves now what you have is you've got a lot of stuff like this you guys see this like this man-made cinder block on the inside parts of docks a lot of times you'll have a lot of these man-made concrete blocks which are really good fish cover you've got a combination of like electrical wires sometimes that go down into the water you got a mix of steel cables that type of stuff and then you've got like i said just a variety of different poles on a lot of on a lot of docks across the country
Bridge Pilings...My Secret Approach To Catching Bass Off Them...(On The Water) by Intuitive Angling With Randy Blaukat parts of the country over the next few weeks a top water bait a walk-in top water bait is an excellent lure to bring those fish up if you have water visibilities over three feet make a long cast down the side of those pilings and that'll pull those fish up out of 10 or 15 feet of water a lot of times and so and so the lure technique i mean there's a lot of different things ways you can catch them on there that's just a few of my favorites it's really just up to your your uh you know experimenting you know based upon the conditions you have one final thing here i want to remind you guys is when you're fishing bridge pilings don't forget to fish the area between the pilings because a lot of times on a lake particularly where you don't have a current and if you've got either cold water or warm water these bass will spit suspend boy these geese are pretty loud over there they um these bass will suspend um in between the pilings and they'll just get out there and uh basically you know follow the shad and you know if the water is really cold or what really warm one of the favorite ways i like to fish these areas is to graft between the pilings look for suspended fish and fish those fish once i find them again with the swim bait or the drop shot
Bass Fishing Boat Docks: 5 Tips That Improve Success by Wired2Fish really cover a lot more that high percentage areas a lot of times I'll you I like to use the creature bait when I'm flipping piers you know because for one thing it's uh it skips pretty well compared to you know some of the other baits and this is a young Christie critter and it's got a fairly bulky body so it holds a heavier hook this is a three all Mustad grip pen flipping hook and I always flip Pearce with a 5/16 ounce weight you know by keeping a consistent weight you know it helps you get your bait back in there and you're always you know when you pick it up and you go to make the flip it's always the same weight you know like if I had a rod rigged with a quarter or three sixteenths you know by just going from one to the other a lot of times your accuracy is gonna be affected so by keeping that consistent weight and that 5/16 it's a little heavier so it skips back you know I'm able to slide my bait back under the dock real well and that's what you want to do you want to you know skip it back then there past those pier poles on the walkway where you can bring the bait by both of them at the same time a little hole in the gap of those boards you know anything like that that
How To Fish Docks (Everything You Need To Know) by TacticalBassin you see that i'm not open water fishing i am fishing around hard stuff i'm fishing around a dock piling i'm fishing around stuff underneath the dock so i throw it on a bait caster i typically throw 12 10 uh 12 town 12 pound fluorocarbon to a braid to a 12 pound fluorocarbon leader it's just easier to cast you know i can do the little backhand pitches i can do that sort of stuff but if i do get bit i can set the hook and really control that fish and get them out from that dock where they have the opportunity or the possibility to break me off so if i was fishing a dock that was smaller than this say it only had one slip not two you know i could come i could flip the corners baitcaster is really really easy you know casting flipping just fish these corners work the outsides first remember if you're fishing the finesse stuff work your way back fish the outside the pilings the edges of the dock that are closest to you and then work your way back that just allows you to fish the key areas a little bit differently and you don't fish you know the whole dock at once if if that makes sense if you are in a in a hurry and you're just blowing down a bank fire to the back and and and work that that finesse bait quicker
Bridge Pilings…How To Catch Every Bass Living Around Them… by Intuitive Angling With Randy Blaukat anywhere they can be on the sides the face anywhere out there so the current will position the fish on these Bridge piers and the other thing about that is just because if you've got some current don't feel that those fish are going to be behind that current because a lot of times the fish will be all over a fish can withstand more current than what you think and there's also current breaks under water that you can't see but the main thing guys is Target the the the main angles that I use is like I Target the two ends you've got an upstream side and a Down stream side now the the downstream and the Upstream side are usually the best followed by the sides now they can be all over the place but my my first cast is usually parallel to one of the outside parts and my favorite bait is like a little swim bait like a like a mega bass spark Shad or something like that three inch or some type of a drop shot you know just pitching a drop shot out there especially if you got clear water with spotted bass and smallmouth bass but if you have a lake that is specifically Largemouth the two lures that I have done the best on are jerk bait like the mega bass Vision 110 and some type of a walk-in top water if the water is clear

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