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What areas hold the most trophy bass potential for swimbaits?

When it comes to catching trophy bass using swimbaits, there are certain areas that have higher potential than others. Based on the video context, some of the best areas to target are main lake points, secondary points off the ends of deep boat docks, bluff banks, steep banks, and areas with submerged timber. These areas are known for holding big bass because they provide a combination of deeper water, various types of cover, and the opportunity for bass to come up on the bait from a considerable distance.

Main lake points, for example, are often productive in the fall time of the year. While you may catch multiple fish on a shaky head, they might be smaller in size. However, there could be a larger bass swimming around that is not interested in a smaller bait. This is where using big swimbaits comes into play. Big swimbaits are a big commitment for bass, and they know that if they get something like this, it will hold them over for a longer period of time. So, by targeting these areas with big swimbaits, you increase your chances of catching those trophy-sized bass.

In terms of specific swimbaits to try, the videos mention a few options. The Osprey and the Tournament Talon swimbaits are recommended in the first video. These swimbaits have a boot tail and a big profile, which can attract aggressive fish. Another option mentioned is the Bass Tricks swimbait, which can be rigged in multiple ways on jig heads or weedless hooks. This versatility allows you to fish it in different types of cover, such as toolies or grass lines.

In the second video, the Huddleston Deluxe swimbait is mentioned as a go-to swimbait. It is known for its natural swimming action and can imitate various types of baitfish, making it a versatile choice.

When it comes to where to fish with swimbaits, the videos provide some insights. Main lake points, underwater humps, and areas where nomadic food sources have to wrap around a big point or go over a hump are prime locations. These areas are where big fish tend to be because they know that's where the bait has to come through. Additionally, if you're in a trout-specific lake, fishing near the launch ramp where trout are stocked can be productive as bass know where the food is coming from.

Overall, the key is to target areas with a combination of deeper water, various types of cover, and the opportunity for bass to come up on the bait from a distance. Using big swimbaits can help you catch those trophy-sized bass that are looking for a substantial meal.

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3 Tricks To Catching Bass With BIG Swimbaits… by Intuitive Angling With Randy Blaukat points like main Lake and secondary points off the ends of deep boat docks Bluff Bank steep Bank something like that over the top of submerged Timber places where the bass have to come up on the bait and from a considerable distance that is how you're going to catch your big ones when you're around these areas that have deeper water and you've got a combination of some various mix of cover and you got suspended and bottom bass both all this is a mix to catch big ones on there because if you if you fish like say for example a main Lake Point that a lot of people do in the fall time of the year if you pull up to that point you might catch five or six fish on a Shaky Head on that point but they might be a pound a pound pound and a half fish they're maybe an eight or ten pounder down there just swimming around it's just not interested in that it's not interested and it's expelling its energy for a little weenie Worm but something like this is a big commitment and they know if they get something like this it's going to hold them over week or so so you're after that Minority of giant fish in a particular area and those are the best areas to fish them so concentrate on your steep Banks deep docks points that type of stuff the next
Which Big Swimbait Should You Try First? by TacticalBassin you Fisher let me move it up you're going to want to throw baits there's some what we list you know I really love the Osprey the tournament talent this thing's been fit to pieces but this is a great great swim bait it's got the boot tail on there it's got a big real big stump and gets those real aggressive fish to eat another one that's a great great way to rig up is the bass tricks you can rig this multiple different ways on jig heads or weedless owner beast so if those sort of things you could fire the stuff up into the toolies and work it through the through the jump so those are two good ones you know you might even want throw a swim jig in there you know swim jig is a great great bait to get you know 3/4 out showed up in that stuff and just learn it through just pound it through the toolies now we're talking about truely's because that's what we've got but we know you guys are all over the place but these are all baits we don't care if you're in California you're on the East Coast it doesn't matter when your fish first start to get aggressive first start feeding up for the spawn these are based both of those hard something paddle tails a lot of body roll to them and they just get that reaction bite
How to Catch Big Bass Fishing Swimbaits - Paul Bailey by The Bass University lot of small fish on it you know don't be discouraged you will still get bites good question what else we got there you could only fish one swim bait one what would it be wow that's tough one big leg you know I probably have to go with with old faithful and the Huddleston deluxe you know it imitates a shad it imitates a carp a catfish a crappie imitates everything so well by its natural swimming action that I was I would be hard-pressed to tie anything on even at a new lake before I tied a little spin on it and that would be the one I couldn't go without yeah Brooklyn let me toast before you get to the next question I want to throw something out there you just said something and I'm going to give a huge insider tip to people that fish up Kentucky Berkeley Lakes right now for those of you watching that fish down there you know that the Asian carp have gotten in there over the last three and four years the word on the street is that the bass are gone nuts right now for those immature those smaller Asian carp now that they're in their breeding they're spreading and you know the the immature Asian carp are in a four six 8-10 inches and they're going nuts form so they do eat cart too so far our Kentucky Lake fishermen there's a hint
Swimbait 101: Where to Fish by TacticalBassin there's an underwater hump out in open water those are the places that day in and day out your big fish will want to be because that's where the bait has to come through if you have nomadic food and it's swimming up and down a lake it will have to wrap around a big point or go over a hump those big fish know that so that's where they choose to live it's easier for them to find food now if you're in a trout specific Lake the number one easiest place for you to catch them is next to the launch ramp where they stock the trout obviously the bass know where the food is coming from just like they'd sit on the end of a point waiting for food they're gonna sit near that ramp and wait for food to come to them they're not dumb that's why they're big that is a very very simple way for you to target them obviously now it works best on the day that they're going to be stalking the trout I'm convinced those bats know the traffic coming and they seem to really move into those areas heavily but anytime you can catch him there now if you're in a lake that is less of a Canyon a little bit flatter maybe you have grass lines that sort of thing but you still have a nomadic food source same deal but you start working edges of
Swimbait 101: Where to Fish by TacticalBassin you're gonna catch the biggest fish your life so just keep right on going target those high-percentage simple to find areas and you're going to catch fish have a great day
Summer Bass Fishing Tricks: Swimbaits and Crankbaits! by TacticalBassin over that deep water and we can catch them anywhere in between the fact that they're on that outside structure doesn't mean that they're deep sometimes on these outside points it's a square bill bite sometimes it's a spinnerbait bite sometimes it's tall water and sometimes it's deep cranking throwing a jig throwing a big worm we're gonna make a move we'll start running around see if we can't catch some more fish got him that's what we're talking about look at that swim bait just choked that is the five inch burrito and he wanted it man that's fun so you notice i started out with a little bait now obviously i'm throwing a much larger bait the tennessee river where i am is much more diverse than most fisheries so here if i'm in the back of a creek maybe they're eating a little bait or maybe there's big bait back there i get out here on the main river now i've run into them and they're chasing big gizzard chad and i can actually physically see it if they come up schooling busting on the surface i'll actually see the size of the bait fish so here i have to be prepared with all these different sizes to match what's going on on your lake it's probably not that way you can find the right size bait whether that's a two inch bait a four inch bait an eight inch bait

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