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When is the best time to slow roll swimbaits for big bass?

The slow rolling technique with swimbaits is a highly effective method for targeting large bass, particularly during certain seasons and times of the day. Based on the video context provided, the optimal seasons to use this technique are during the pre-spawn and post-spawn periods, as well as the late fall. Specifically, pre-spawn typically occurs from the end of February to mid-March, and post-spawn can be right after the spawn period when bass are recovering. The late fall period mentioned is around October.

In terms of the time of day, the TacticalBassin videos suggest that while swimbaits can be thrown at any time, there are certain windows that can be particularly productive. For instance, in lakes where bass are known to feed on trout or kokanee, the middle of the day, from around 10 AM to 2 PM, can be an excellent time to slow roll swimbaits. This is when the sun is at its highest, and trout-eating bass, being ambush predators, are more active and likely to strike at the silhouette of the swimbait.

Additionally, the videos highlight that big bass can be caught even on bright sunny days, suggesting that while low light conditions are traditionally favored for bass fishing, swimbaits can defy this rule and be successful during high sun conditions as well. This is especially true in clear water environments where bass can ambush prey from deeper water by silhouetting them against the bright surface.

Remember, when slow rolling swimbaits, it's crucial to find the right speed where the bait swims naturally without rolling or listing to one side. This steady retrieve can be irresistible to large, predatory bass looking for an easy meal.

So, to maximize your chances of catching trophy bass with swimbaits using the slow rolling technique, focus on the pre-spawn, post-spawn, and late fall seasons, and don't hesitate to fish during the middle of the day when conditions are right. Keep an eye on the behavior of the local forage and adjust your tactics accordingly for the best results.

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SWIMBAIT FISHING FOR BASS | Beginner And Advanced | Baits, Gear, Rigging, Tricks! by TacticalBassin but that is the window that is your better time of year if i had to pick absolute peak times to catch a monster it's right at the fall to winter transition most of the country that's end of november very beginning of december there are so many double digits caught right then and then again coming out of winter going into the earliest of pre-spawn so we're going to call that in most places end of february to mid-march and then there's this little bonus period around the full moon in june that is also remarkable but that's when a lot of the true monsters get caught but that entire cooler season is big bait time you can catch them anywhere in there now as far as when to throw these a lot of people get that wrong i'll throw a swimbait all day every day but i love to throw swimbaits in the heat of the day if you are on a lake where they're eating trout and kokanee if you're a guy out west uh if you're a guy in the eastern mountains where they're stalking trout and anywhere in the middle if they eat trout middle of the day ten to two that's your window the reason why is that trout eaters are lazy fish the fish that eat trout they eat trout period they don't chase other things they eat trout 10 to 2 the sun is the highest these are ambush predators they'll sit
Swimbait 101: When to Fish by TacticalBassin you to get more bites so again pre storm during a storm early in the day late in the day or at night you can get more swimbait bites but the true-true Giants for whatever reason it doesn't seem to matter you can even catch them in the middle of a bright sunny day so those are just key times that you can target if you want to make it a little simpler on yourself or you just want to have a little more confidence yes you are on the water at the right time just keep doing what you're doing it's going to work
Night Fishing Tips - Swimbaits by TacticalBassin that it becomes sticky a bait that's really soft kicks unbelievably at slow speeds so you can take baits that are fairly generic that are not expensive made of stiff plastic and get them to kick and incredibly slow speed you're going to get more bites I hope these tips help you keep it simple don't worry about brand just get yourself some baits soften them up creep them along the bottom the bass will come to you don't worry about color don't even worry that much about the size of the bait 5 inch 6 inch 8 inch 10 inch the fish can feel it that's what their lateral line is for and if you're going slow enough they're going to come to you you're going to start catching big fish at night on a swimbait good luck out there
Why Big Swimbaits Are Ignored By Average Anglers And Used By Pros by Intuitive Angling With Randy Blaukat drops off fairly s quick and uh you know so basically let's say you're both in 20 foot of water and you're cast into the bank on the long cast and halfway back to the bank you're in 10 to 15 feet of water those gradual sloping points that drop off into deeper water whether they be secondary points main lake points it doesn't really matter those type of areas tend to hold bigger fish a lot of times particularly during the pre-spawn and post pond time of the year and i have found on these giant swim baits you've got two different actually all three different scenarios but the three different time frames that they work best are during the pre-spawn and the post-spawn uh during the middle of the summer for smallmouth up north and then there's also a bite window that comes in towards the late fall like october that type of stuff those are the three times a year that they bite this thing the best i've never done that really good uh fishing this bait in the middle of the summer for a large mouth for spotted bass lakes that is pre-spawn post spawn type deal so anyway what i'm looking for is i'm fishing those main and secondary points you know with these big swim baits right off the bat making those bombing out those long casts bringing it in with just a slow steady retrieve you know basically
Swimbait Fishing For Bass - Full Seminar! (Beginner To Advanced) by TacticalBassin around wasting energy these are not little fish these are not fish designed to be shooting around and darting and chasing food all over the shallows these are big old obese bass those are the fish that we're after those heavy fish they're generally ambush predators they sit they wait they attack we think low light works to their advantage and in some situations that can be true there are definitely times where i've caught them at low light i pound them on a glide bait sometimes at low light but i'll tell you what particularly clear water kokanee and trout middle of the day slick calm high sun that's when the giants come out and it's because at least i believe it's because those fish can sit low they can sit in 10 15 20 30 feet of water and they can look up and they can silhouette their food to the surface they can see the food the food cannot see them so they can see the farthest and they can hunt the most effectively under that high sun they can attack from below and they can ambush but they can see their food at a distance and they can get ready to attack it i believe that's why those fish feed in the middle of the day now there's a downside to that and the downside is that high sun slick calm bluebird clear water means that they can bust you too
Post Spawn Swimbait Tricks!! (How To Target Big Bass Into Summer) by TacticalBassin throw it out there if you go too fast it'll start to roll right it'll start to get off to a side slow it down find that sweet speed where she's swimming perfect and that Tail's just back there wagon the bait is Magic it draws giant bites we blast them with it it's a great great option then the last category like I said is the Wake bait this is our wake bait this is a river to see tactical wake we crush with this thing we designed it to do some very specific things this is a PB rat totally different profile but both wake baits both highly effective this time of year for me the rat I like to fish when the water's super high you know in a tidal fishery when you get that super super high high tide that's the deal in a normal Lake if you get a big blast of rain and that water jumps up real quick I literally use a rat bait to imitate a rat that's what I like to do with them other people throw them just as a wake bait but that for me they shine under those circumstances you get a little flood of water I don't care if it comes up six inches or five feet as soon as you flood the bank you better believe all those rats and mice and critters end up in the water their Burrows get flooded

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