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Where in California should I fish swimbaits?

When fishing swimbaits in California, there are a few key areas you should target. Based on the video context, it seems like the anglers are fishing in Southern California, specifically in San Diego Bay. This can be a productive area for bass fishing.

One technique mentioned in the videos is using swim jigs. Swim jigs are versatile lures that can be effective in various situations. They are designed to imitate baitfish and can be retrieved at different speeds to mimic the movement of prey. The videos mention using swim jigs in grassy areas and around clumps of grass. This suggests that targeting areas with vegetation, such as submerged grass or weed beds, can be a good strategy when fishing swimbaits in California.

Additionally, the videos mention using swimbaits with different trailers. Trailers are soft plastic attachments that can enhance the action and appearance of the swimbait. The videos mention using trailers that imitate bluegill, such as the Gambler Easy Swimmer in colors like Gold Rush. This suggests that imitating the natural forage of the bass, such as bluegill or other baitfish, can be effective when fishing swimbaits in California.

It's important to note that fishing conditions can vary, and it's always a good idea to adapt your approach based on the specific body of water you're fishing. If you have more specific information about the location or conditions you'll be fishing in, I can provide more tailored advice.

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Fishing Southern California 2011 by crazybassfisher hey guys I'm in California now I was just in Costa Rica no I'm in California machine san diego-based at the bridge to koi no no I got 20 there right now I caught a sand bath daily about three pounder people over there well somebody just caught a ray and some other type of fish I didn't see I'm just using the squared right now frozen squid me alone win so far one face apart I have a theory yet some guy just got a really giant ferry over there I got my rod and I got a fish on but I think it got off no wait it's on feel small down there I gotta go guys hi guys got me a squatted babe ass on left wit put a drop some but some people just thought like a giant here san diego bay guys it was a nice fish hey guys I got a giant nice-looking size sin yes and bass on that squid again on the circle hook the bottom lip beautiful fish almost pulled my rotten right after that other spotted bass after guys I'm saying mass beautiful beautiful fish right there nice strike bottom that's what fish today alright guys so I moved to a different hotel I man crawls Brad now a fishing pole right there so that one day i was videotaping i caught four fish that day three sand bass and one spotted babe ass the spotted babe ass
Using swimbaits during the spawn with Brian Snowden by Bassmaster hooks up on it now some places in California Texas Florida where they have some large fish this will definitely put a fish in the boat but you know most the time around Missouri and stuff it just aggravates that fish so I'm just going to use some line that's big in case if he bites I've got him if he doesn't I know I can throw that he caught you in here and there and catch
Lake Hopping With BIG Swimbaits In SoCal! by crazybassfisher ghosts and we're just gonna have a good time here so hopefully something goes good then fish in the back of the boat so give us an update update hide the water blog I dumped a giant on this Bay right here we don't want to talk about that one clicked a couple trees Jeff had a nice follower it's about it we got to find it that's it the time is closing we're gonna go fish another spot hopefully we make it happen alright then what do you got there first California late swing big bass came off the hbh went to the shade found the trees found this little mediator kind of hectic flight but nothing special but beautiful what a fight that was so much better now that we got a fish whoo mr. get the net nice one the new raga
Swim Jig Fishing! All The Tricks No One Is Talking About For Bass Fishing! by TacticalBassin and instead of wanting to go around them or over them you want to go through them California Swim jig here's the deal you take a half to a three-quarter ounce California Swim jig the grass clumps I'm I'm thinking late spring early summer that grass starts getting thick right you get clumps on the outsides you get these huge mats of grass but on the outside it starts breaking up into individual clumps we all know or you're finding out right now that the Giants often take the outermost clumps the higher the Sun the better when the sun is low those fish will come out of those clumps and they'll Patrol they'll hunt they'll do their thing but when the sun gets high they suck right inside those grass clumps the farthest out grass clumps they'll be in them no other bait goes in there again except for a punch rake it comes down vertically a guy throwing a crankbait he's running the outside guy throwing a spinner bait outside or over the top guy fishing topwater he's fishing nearby it the guy who's worm and can't get inside he's just fishing around the edges you take a California Swim jig you throw it right over the center of the clump you swim it right up in there until it gets hung up and when it gets hung up you hit it hard hard and down into the side and you bust that grass clump
Swim Jigs and Swimbaits - Beginner To Advanced Tricks To Catch More Bass! by TacticalBassin get your bait you'll scare all the fish out of those shallows they're really sensitive in that shallow water they don't like your presence coming in there so a swim jig is about the best thing you could ever throw because it it'll just go through anything I mean you can throw it right over the top of two leaves you can throw an out of sight start reel and it'll just walk and hunt its way through there and go find a fish for you it's unbelievable what I do with a California swim jig is a little different than every other swim jig and I want to make sure you guys know the difference so a standard swim jig again see that round pointed head its purpose is to split cover what I mean by that is if you've got grass growing up in the water and you're running a swim jig there's two strains of grass and that swim jig comes along and hits between them it's a natural wedge and it'll open that grass up and let that swim jig go right through and all it goes so it's extremely weedless and it'll go anywhere it's a fault it's a 4x4 of swim baits the California swim jig we throw it in the big sizes now they make in smaller sizes and sometimes I use that but the half and the 3/4 are my favorites and I do the exact opposite
Swim Jig Fishing! All The Tricks No One Is Talking About For Bass Fishing! by TacticalBassin these fish see a thousand baits they never see a bait come right into their house and rip a hole through it it is a completely different presentation the amount of giant fish I have caught while busting clumps of grass with a California Swim jig off the charts it is such a deadly technique again I throw any more I used to only throw a California Swim jig it took me years to find the value in a swim jig in a no-jack swim jig these days I throw a standard swim jig the most because I fish a lot of places where I'm winding through cover a lot of like Shoreline grasses and I'm just winding through it but when I see those grass clumps the California Swim jig designed a long time ago is still incredibly unique and so special today now we understand the jigs let's talk trailers for these big swim baits are for these big uh swim jigs I basically have three trailers that I use uh no particular order so gambler The Gambler easy not The Big Easy The Gambler easy the easy swimmer I used two colors I use Gold Rush which actually there's they're on baits already this is Gold Rush it's like a June bug and a green pumpkin with green and gold glitter in it it's an amazing bluegill profile completer okay so if I want a bluegill profile you know like an Alabama Brim

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