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Any recommendations/suggestions for a shorter swimbait rod (7'5 or under) able to throw medium sized baits (3/4oz to 4oz)?

Based on the video context, I would recommend a medium-heavy power rod with a length of 7'3" to 7'6" for throwing swimbaits weighing between 3/4oz to 4oz. The medium-heavy power provides the necessary backbone to handle the weight of the bait and make strong hooksets, while still having a bit of tip action for casting distance and allowing the fish to fully take the bait before setting the hook.

In the first video, Wes Logan suggests using a 7'3" medium-heavy rod with a good parabolic bend for fishing swim jigs from the bank. He emphasizes the importance of not ripping the jig out of the fish's mouth too quickly, which can happen with a heavy rod that lacks bend.

In the second video, Mike Iaconelli recommends a 7'3" medium-heavy rod for a 6-inch swimbait and a 7'6" medium-heavy rod for a larger swimbait. He mentions the need for a rod with a little tip action to cast the bait a long way and provide a slight delay when setting the hook.

In the third video, Mike Iaconelli suggests using a 7'2" to 7'6" medium-heavy rod for vibrating jigs weighing three-quarters of an ounce to an ounce and a half. He explains that the rod should have a little tip to allow for long casts and a slight delay when setting the hook.

In the fourth video, Kyle Welcher recommends a 7'3" medium rod with a fast action for throwing smaller baits, such as quarter-ounce swim jigs and spinnerbaits. He mentions the importance of having a rod that is adequately powered for the bait being used.

In the fifth video, the angler suggests using a 7'3" medium-heavy fast rod for ripping baits out of grass and yoyoing them. He also mentions using a glass rod with a heavy power and moderate action for bladed jigs, as the parabolic bend allows for a more subtle bite detection.

Based on these recommendations, a 7'3" to 7'6" medium-heavy rod with a bit of tip action would be suitable for throwing swimbaits weighing between 3/4oz to 4oz. However, it's important to note that rod preferences can vary among anglers, so it's always a good idea to test out different rods and see what works best for you.

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The Best Bank Fishing Swim Jig Tips and Tricks - How To from Wes Logan | Bass Fishing by Bass Fishing Tips & Techniques by BassResource the reason of rod length because most of the time if you're on the bank, you're gonna be dealing with overhanging limbs. You're not gonna have a great platform of nothing around you to throw. Sometimes you may be throwing over bushes on the bank. You know, you can't stand actually in the water, sometimes you could but not all the time. So you're probably gonna be throwing around something the majority of the time. I would probably lean more towards a 7' 3" medium heavy. If you wanted to try a 7-foot medium-heavy, that would be good. But the main thing with the rod is that shorter length and then that medium-heavy, that heavy action is really key with the swim jig. You've got to have the good parabolic bend. You don't want to be ripping that jig out of the fish's mouth before he gets it good. Because most of the time the way I fish it, the way I would be fishing a swim jig down the bank would be I'd be looking at the jig, you know, 95% of the time coming back to me. So I'm gonna see that fish get the bait. If I've got a heavy rod, you know, with no bend, I may jerk it away from him too quick. And if the fish does happen to get the bait and I jerk too hard with that heavy, you could flex the hook on this 1/4-ounce regular swim jig, so you gotta be careful with that.
MUST HAVE Brand NEW Swimbait!!! by Mike Iaconelli Fishing already fishing a swimbait on it works but here's my deal on the six inch I like a seven three medium heavy you don't need to overpower this six inch it's not that big so 7-3 medium heavy uh perfect Rod to throw this on a reel just a low profile reel that has a moderate to fast ratio seven one to one to eight one to one eight to three something in that range I don't want too slow I don't want too fast so moderate to high speed low profile real seven three medium heavy and then on the big one all I do is go up three inches guys this is the 7-6 medium heavy little bit bigger bait I need a little bit more Rod length to cast it but it's still a medium heavy right uh seven six medium heavy still the low profile reel in a moderate to fast retrieve and just let me give you real quick why I'm here why that Medium heavy is so important whatever brand you're using you don't want this Rod tip to be stiff and you don't want it to be whippy like a crankbait I want a little tip there look at that right about 20 percent of the rod maybe 25 of the rod has tip and all the rest of the rod is backbone that is exactly what you want in a swim bait Rod so on the big call Shad seven six medium
TOP SECRET Summer Bass LURE! by Mike Iaconelli Fishing three quarter one ounce ounce and a quarter even ounce and a half because of that i'm going to upsize my rod a little bit and i want to use a 7 2 to 7 6 medium heavy rod but my favorite is right here it's a 7-4 medium-heavy abu garcia ike power rod here's the main thing though when you're fishing that vibrating jig out deep pick a medium heavy but look it's not a straight heavy right it's a medium heavy so it's got tip you want this rod with these even though these these vibrate engines are big and heavy you want a little tip it's going to let you cast it a long way when that fish hits it it's going to give it a little delay when you set the hook and that little bit of delay that little bit of sponge is going to help that fish get that entire bait his mouth before you jack it okay so seven two to seven six medium heavy i love the seven four on your reel and you're gonna see why in a second when i talk about technique for big vibrating jigs out deep in the summer you want a faster gear ratio low profile casting reel seven to one or greater this right here is a revo ike uh it's eight zero to one you need a fast retrieve not because you're going to retrieve the bait fast
Kyle Welcher’s Top 3 Must-Have Bass Fishing Rods by Wired2Fish there being a seven foot three medium that was a  true fast action seems like when you get to that   medium power a lot of times the action is a little  bit more moderate a little bit slower I love   throwing smaller baits on the seven foot three  medium especially this Rod it's my favorite you   know seven for three medium ever used because it  actually has a fast tip you know I've been using   this a lot for throwing more finesse power fishing  stuff I've got a prop bit on it now call some in   Florida just like this this year the cost some  recently around bluegill beds but I throw small   spinner baits on it smaller Buzz baits on it you  know if you want to throw a quarter ounce smaller   swim jig all that type of stuff this has been the  rod that I've been using for that small jigs on it   skipping quarter ounce Jigs and stuff around docks  just downsizing and having a rod that actually is   adequately powered for the bait that you're  trying to use I've never really had that many   seven three mediums that actually fit the bill  and I can actually cast well so the ones I'm the   most excited about are the ones they threaded the  needle on and it's definitely seven three medium   seven six medium and then the ChatterBait Rod so  I mean those are my three favorite rods right now
Ike In The Shop: Which rod is right for you? by Mike Iaconelli Fishing or 5/8 right lighter than a half ounce this is the perfect rod it's a seven six medium heavy it's perfect it's also the rod I use when I'm throwing a Carolina rig for a three-quarter ounce half ounce Carolina rig weight vomit it out there make a long cast in fact this is the rod I call it a ten pounder at in the Bassmaster Classic a few years ago 7:6 medium heavy you could also do a little bit of swim bait work with this if you're into soft swim baits or hard swim baits this is another good rod we're going to keep going and we've got a new addition to the lineup this was new in 2018 this is the 710 medium heavy and this is a real good rod this is the power series this is a great rod for big baits we really wanted a rod in the lineup that if you're the kind of guy that throws big lures I'm talking about big giant swim baits I'm talking about oversized crank baits big top waters you need something with a lot of butt to it Alabama rigs if you throw the a rig this is the rod for you it's 710 medium heavy it's got that same 80/20 mix still has a little bit of tip about 20% tip to help you cast those lures but it's got a lot of backbone to it and last but not least
Top 4 Baits for Spring Structure Fishing | Bass Fishing by Bass Fishing Tips & Techniques by BassResource And you know, like a glass rod is great for fighting the fish sometimes, but when you're trying to rip that thing outta grass or yoyo it, it's not as effective. So, to me, this Victory, the 7'3" medium heavy fast, that's the perfect in-between rod that kind of has all of the attributes that I'm looking for. So from there, one other key bait that I'll use to try and, you know, locate the fish is gonna be, you know, a bladed jig or a swim jig. But either one of those is something that you'll really want to use in the spring. You know, around structure, it's, you know, catches big fish, you can cover water with it. Once again, you can burn it, you can yoyo it, you can crawl it along the bottom. It's just, it's a staple. It's really a staple all year. But in the spring is when it really shines. That I'll throw in a glass rod, and that's kind of a preference thing. You know, I've experimented with a lot of rods. There's a lot of other rods that do work well. This is a St. Croix Legend Glass 7'2" heavy power, moderate action. And the moderate action is really key. You want something parabolic, you know, when that fish comes, most time they'll come up behind that bait. And a lot of times it won't be like a real shocking bite. All of a sudden you'll feel that blade just kind of stop vibrating.

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