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What is the best technique for catching bass suspended offshore with swimbaits?

To effectively catch bass that are suspended offshore using swimbaits, there are a few key techniques to keep in mind. First, it's important to understand what a suspended bass is. These are fish that are not related to the bottom or the surface of the water, but rather in the in-between zone. They can be found randomly in the middle of the water or suspended over structures or cover like ledges, humps, brush piles, or standing timber.

The most challenging type of suspended bass to catch are those that are randomly chasing bait in the deepest part of the lake or over the creek channel. These fish are highly migratory and can be difficult to pin down. However, if you can locate them using your fish finder or electronics, you can increase your chances of catching them.

When using swimbaits for suspended bass, it's important to choose the right bait. Fast-moving and power baits are often effective, as they can target more aggressive fish feeding on big bait. Some popular options include big swimbaits like the Megabass Magdraft Freestyle or smaller swimbaits like the Megabass Spark Shad. The size of the swimbait can vary depending on personal preference, but larger swimbaits tend to attract bigger bites.

To effectively fish a swimbait for suspended bass, it's crucial to know the depth at which the fish are suspended. This can be determined by using your fish finder or by observing their behavior. Once you have identified the depth, cast your swimbait and let it sink down to the level of the fish. Then, reel it through the fish, making sure not to bring the bait below their level. Most suspended fish feed upwards, so bringing the bait over the top of them is key.

It's also important to note that suspended bass often relate to specific targets like trees, rocks, or brush piles. If you can locate these targets, you can make more accurate casts and increase your chances of catching fish. When fish are related to a specific target, they tend to stay in that area for longer periods, allowing you to pinpoint your casts.

While swimbaits can be highly effective for catching suspended bass, it's worth mentioning that this technique requires practice, expertise, and understanding. It may take some trial and error to find the right swimbait, depth, and presentation that works best for you. Additionally, it's important to stay updated on the latest swimbait options available on the market, as new and improved baits are constantly being introduced.

Please note that the information provided is based on the video context available. If you have any specific questions or need further clarification, feel free to ask.

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Complete Guide to Offshore Swimbait Fishing | Sonar, Tackle, and Areas Explained by Fish the Moment fish in your fish finder how to count down the bait how to reel it in everything you know so that you can be an expert at offshore swimbait fishing in the fall as well so let's get into it first let's explain what a suspended bass is basically it's a fish that's not related to the bottom or the surface of the water they're in that in between zone a lot of times bass will suspend just randomly out in the middle and follow big schools of bait fish around other times they'll suspend over the top of a structure like a ledge a hump or a point other times they'll suspend by cover like a brush pile a rock pile or standing timber in all these cases these fish are basically just roaming around chasing bait fish but some of these fish are more easy to catch than others let me explain how that works in general the toughest type of suspended bass to catch are the fish they're sitting out over the creek channel over the deepest part of the lake just randomly chasing bait these fish are not related to any structure or cover and they are very migratory they move a lot or nomatic this makes them really challenging to pin down and even if you graph these fish or electronics if you try to spin around and cast on those fish there's a really good chance they've already swam
Pick the PERFECT Offshore Bass Lure EVERY TIME With This Simple Guide- Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall by Fish the Moment on the bottom and you can know your bait's down there because you just see your line stop moving or top water baits that are sitting on the surface suspended baits take a little bit more practice expertise and understanding to fish and there are a lot of them to choose from and again more and more coming every single year so I'm going to run through my favorites first up let's start with the suspended baits that are fast moving and power baits what I mean fast moving it means baits that are moving through the water pretty quickly and power baits are going to be your bigger bulkier baits to Target more aggressive Fish Feeding on big bait my couple favorites are going to be first a big swim bait this is a megabass magdra freestyle six inch swim bait on a one ounce under spin head I like a heavier head on my big swim baits when I'm fishing for suspended bass because it allows me to reel that bait a little bit faster while keeping it in the middle of the water column there are other smaller swim baits that work really well in this like a mega best spark Shad five inch you can even go to like a three inch or a four inch swimbait as well but my personal preference is they're a little bit bigger swim bait because it seems to get me bigger bites another great option that you can throw
Complete Guide to Offshore Swimbait Fishing | Sonar, Tackle, and Areas Explained by Fish the Moment see where the majority of those fish are sitting in the water level or depth that they're in and what i'm going to try to do is actually cast my swim bait let it sink down to the level of those fish and then reel it through those fish again if you aren't finding these fishy electronics and you don't know what depth they're at it's very difficult to catch these suspended bass you really need to bring this bait pretty close to those fish for them to actually react to it now one thing that's really important to note is that most fish that are suspended offshore actually feed upwards this means that you don't want to bring your bait below the level of the fish let's say you're suspended in 15 feet of water you want to bring that bait over the top of those fish so maybe let your bait sink down to 10 feet and reel over the top of them as opposed to letting it sink below those fish into 20 foot of water if that bait sinks below the level of those fish a lot of times they're just not going to react to it or they're not going to eat it but if you bring it over the top of their heads they'll come up and eat that swim bait as it's swimming over the top of them therefore knowing the level that those fish are at is really important and then
Suspended Bass : Locate & Catch Fish Offshore by The Bass University swim baits changed fishing bass fishing at least on this part of the country a lot you know really changed how we approach fish and how we catch fish you know people say it replaced spinner baits people say it replaced crank baits in places and it has well the swim bait 10-15 year we didn't talk about them for bass we didn't talk about them for you know especially the bigger ones for bass you know whether it was I was right or wrong it just wasn't part of the conversation so now it's changed a lot in and you go on tackle warehouse and you hit swim baits and you're gonna be able to see every style every color every size every everything you want on swim baits they've done a great job of keeping all the current good swim baits and you can really have fun with it and it's an ongoing it's an ongoing process like suspended fish there's swim baits that are out now that weren't out your two ago that are awesome I mean it's stuff we've been asking for so I think that's really where what when I talk about swim baits I'm showing you a couple the ones I use but there's a lot a lot of good ones when it comes to swim baits and some of the best ones are really hard to get really hard to get a handle of there's one that I use a lot
Complete Guide to Offshore Swimbait Fishing | Sonar, Tackle, and Areas Explained by Fish the Moment out in the middle of the lake they're actually going to be locked on a specific target this is really important because after you graph over these fish you can actually spin your boat back around cast at the weight point that you just made and those fish will still be there again when you're out looking for fish in the middle of the lake those fish can move 20 30 yards every couple of minutes which means that by the time you actually cast on them they're gone but when those fish are related to a tree or a rock or a brush pile they'll usually stay there for maybe a whole day or at least for a couple hours and that allows you to pinpoint your cast and get that bait right in front of those fish which is the key to catching suspended baths now there are a lot of different types of cover that these bass will suspend around and here are just some examples of suspended baths i've graphed in the past sometimes they'll get around big boulders or rocks and suspend five to ten feet off the rocks but they won't be all the way up by the surface they'll kind of be in the middle of the water column sometimes you can find them suspended over the top of standing timber or they'll actually be in the center of a tree halfway down the tree
Complete Guide to Offshore Swimbait Fishing | Sonar, Tackle, and Areas Explained by Fish the Moment what's up y'all welcome back fish to moment in this video i'm going to explain how to catch suspended bass offshore on a swim bait let's get into it okay guys fall is almost here and that means that a lot of bass are going to start their migration from the main lake back into the creeks and they're going to follow big schools of shad when they do this a lot of these bass are going to be suspended around offshore structure and out in the middle of the creeks this makes them very difficult to catch with your traditional power fishing techniques but it makes them actually really susceptible to a swim bait this is actually one of my favorite ways to catch fish in the fall and if you're fishing anytime from about september through november you should be able to find a swimbait bite for suspended baths now fishing a swim bait for suspended bass is definitely one of the more advanced techniques in bass fishing there's not a lot of great information out there i had to learn through trial and error over 10 years to really dial in how to fish a swim bait in the middle of water column and trigger those fish to bite fortunately i figured it out about three years ago and i feel like i'm an expert on it at this point so i'm going to explain this video the entire process of fishing swim bait how to identify

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