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What is your go to line for fishing some of the 2-3 oz glides like the kgb chad chad or TSG? Also what gear ratio reel are you using?

For fishing 2-3 oz glides like the KGB Chad Chad or TSG, I would recommend using a line in the range of 16 to 25 pounds. The video suggests that 16 to 20 pounds would be ideal, as going up to 25 pounds might affect the bait's action. It's important to find a balance between strength and maintaining the desired action of the bait.

As for the gear ratio reel, the video mentions that a gear ratio anywhere from seven to eight would be suitable. However, it is also mentioned that a gear ratio of six can work, but you would need to provide more rod input to achieve the correct chop. So, a gear ratio of six can be used if that's what you have, but a gear ratio of seven to eight would be more optimal for this type of bait.

It's important to note that these recommendations are based on the video context provided. If you have any specific preferences or requirements, it would be helpful to provide more information so that I can tailor my answer to your needs.

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The Best Affordable New Glide Bait On The Market? Spro X KGB Chad Shad! by crazybassfisher definitely go up to a 300 size reel but it's definitely not necessary so there's a lot of guys that own like the tatula 200 or the Corrado 200 very popular size reels you could totally just get that reel and use that for this bait so you don't have to get like a crazy super dedicated expensive swimbait Rod to throw a bait like this the line you can go anywhere from 20 pound right now I'm fishing it on 16 pounds either 16 to 20 pound will be perfect if you jump up to 25 it might start changing the action on the bait a little bit and you might not get as well of a chop as you'd want but overall I'd say 16 to 20 pound is pretty good uh gear ratio anywhere from seven to eight is probably really perfect obviously you can get away with it at like a six if you only have a six you would just have to give it a lot more Rod input to get it to do the actual correct chop and that is the new spro and KGB collab chat chat overall this thing is actually really really dope like I said for 60 bucks it's a great entry level Glide bait especially a Glide bait that swims as well as this one does and it's proven like so many guys have been posting catches on this bait the original Chad Chad Kevin's a
The Best Affordable New Glide Bait On The Market? Spro X KGB Chad Shad! by crazybassfisher be a lot shorter so this style of Glide bait is going to be perfect for those fish that are a little more fired up that are more used to feeding on you know fast moving gizzard Shad or Herring or just bigger thread pin it's gonna be a fantastic bait and overall the bait being mass produced has cut the cost down to 59.99 I believe for this Pro now the original Chad chat I believe those are going for double if not triple the price so overall it's a good price point for a bait that swims very similar to the original Chad chat is what Kevin was kind of aiming for and that's how you get this bait right here so the gear that I've been throwing the Chad Chad on it's kind of like a medium heavy or a medium light swimbait Rod this just so happens to be the mega bass Mark 56 it's rated three quarters to three ounces so it fits in that range perfect it loads up great on the cast when I was fighting that eight pounder it had a nice deep parabolic Bend to it so it kept the the fish hooked and pinned so I didn't really have to worry about it you know pulling hooks or anything like that the real you don't really need anything crazy you're gonna be looking at like a 200 size reel or so like 200 250 you can
The Best Affordable New Glide Bait On The Market? Spro X KGB Chad Shad! by crazybassfisher have done and it was so I thought it was really cool that spro got together with Kevin to make the actual collab bait so this is the bait we're gonna spec it out right now it shut up GoPro it is a 180 millimeters which is around like seven inches it weighs two and a half ounces so overall it's a pretty snack sized bait not too big not too heavy you don't really need any crazy extra swimbait gear to fish this bit we're gonna go over gear here in a second it comes with Gamakatsu treble hooks I swapped them out funnily enough the first time actually fishing with this bait I went out with my buddy CJ the first 20 minutes of casting it and seeing how this thing worked I caught an eight pounder unfortunately it did Bend out the front treble hook on the bait but we were still able to land the fish but after that I was like okay like the hooks are good enough if you don't really like horse the fish in too much but the fish was diving next to the boat and I kind of wanted to get it in Bound out the hook so I just walked out to the normal hooks that I like to use the owner st-45s but other than that it's a great little snack size bait the sink rate you'll see here in a second is a slow sink it's a
Glide Bait Fishing Secrets | Rods, Reels, Baits & Tips for Success by Wired2Fish I use a wide variety of shimanos but the biggest thing is a low ratio so in that four to five ratio our gear ratio is really good 6.2 to 1 is about the highest end that you want to go but I like that 5.5 is my favorite I use the tranx 300 the tranx 400 the new Corrado 300 and then this is kind of the one that I've had for a lot of years this is like a reel that you'll buy and just sort of have forever I've had it for four or five years and that's the conquest and it's sort of the the top end of the whole line but any of those reels are going to be phenomenal Glide bait reels they're just a little bit bigger bigger handles a lot of power that's what you want the low ratio reel is going to give you winching power when that fish eats it it's going to winch that fish in and it's also going to help you when you chop the bait you work the baits nice and easy you're not working hard and you're going to be able to do it all day um when it comes to fishing line Sun line I use sunline shoot I have done for a lot of years now this is my go-to line after testing a bunch I use 20 when it comes to clear water and finicky fish 22
Swimbait Review: KGB TSG Glidebait by Swimbait Reviews what's up Universe we've got the latest offering from KGB this is the tsg or textured Chad glad this is a similar size to that legend or Legend reborn slightly bigger than the Chad let's see how she swims today we're fishing this guy on the KGB Rod this one's uh extra heavy and a real fast reel uh eight to eight point five to one I believe is it and we'll start with our standard straight retrieve medium wand and you're going to get this kind of halfway between a cut and swim and a slalomy swim put that joint being a little bit looser it's not going to be that really slow on Me swim and we'll also go ahead and burn it and that's a dead burn and no issues at all catfish hanging underneath of it and I'll give you a sink rate while we're setting here now this guy is somewhere between slow and medium sync this is uh in like about 85 degree water so certainly as it uh gets a little bit cooler out that will slow down a bit oh now there's a bass underneath of it so let's start giving it some inputs bait really isn't made for kind of slow and lazy but we'll start with that just for real easy real bumps and again with that joint configuration you're not going to get that Ultra Wide Glide to it but you certainly can fish it slow if
Summer Gear Review! New Rods And Reels! Shimano, Daiwa, 13 Fishing, St. Croix, Spro, And More! by TacticalBassin matters enough to me that I would 100 make the jump every single time all right next up this is a cool one so we all know about the KGB spro swimbait and I roll my eyes because you can't hardly ever get your hands on them right these things hit the market and just lit on fire like the most popular Glide to come out in a very very long time uh fantastic fish catching bait but hard to get your hands on for sure they come in waves and they're there for like one day and then they're gone again but spro partnered up with KGB to do an actual swimbait rod for fishing their bait or real realistically for fishing any lighter weight Glide bait I wanted to take a minute and do a little review of this Rod because I have had some days on it I fished it quite a bit already and I will say it is unlike a lot of swimbait rods so you guys know Tim and I we like pretty stout gear right we fish a lot of 300 and 400 size reels heavy braid to heavy leader um big rods one we're swim baiting we are not messing around we both grew up in places where there are teeners in the water and sometimes you tied into them and you're not going to put in all that time and effort and energy and then hook

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