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What areas of a lake are best to target with swimbaits in summer?

Based on the video context, in the summer, bass tend to go to deeper water and often school up. When targeting bass with swimbaits in the summer, it's important to use electronics to locate the schools of fish. Look for areas where bass are chasing shad, as they are actively feeding during this time.

In terms of swimbait selection, using a compact, small heavyweight swimbait is recommended. The video suggests using a 3/8 ounce jighead with a 3.3-inch swimbait. This size is ideal because it mimics the smaller shad that bass are feeding on in the summer.

When fishing in deeper water, a heavier jighead can be used to create a reaction bite. The retrieve speed can vary depending on where the fish are located. It's important to adjust your retrieve accordingly.

In terms of tackle, the video suggests using a medium-heavy rod, such as the Shimano Zodias 7'2", and 14-pound fluorocarbon line. However, the line weight can vary depending on the fishing conditions. If fishing close to timber, a heavier line may be needed, while in open water, a lighter line can be used. The Shimano Metanium HG reel is recommended for its high gear ratio.

Overall, when targeting bass with swimbaits in the summer, focus on deeper water, use electronics to locate schools of fish, and choose swimbaits that mimic the size of the baitfish bass are feeding on. Adjust your retrieve speed and tackle based on the fishing conditions.

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Summer Bass Fishing Tips | Bass Fishing by Bass Fishing Tips & Techniques by BassResource Now where do I target, I target deep water. In the springtime I talked about fishing shallow 12 foot or less. In the summertime I'll do shallow stuff in the mornings and then move straight out to the deep stuff. Because in the morning time those fish will again will be up this main lake points, up on docks and pockets but towards on the main lake. Those fish wanna be relating close to that deep water or those river channels that are in the lake. Some of the baits I like to throw in the morning again a buzz bait, I use it in the spring I also use in the summer. Your first hour or so in the morning in the summer time a bass bait can be deadly. A walking bait again is very awesome. Those are the type baits that you wanna fish in the summertime. Then once the sun gets up water temperature starts to rise I like to go a little bit deeper. And what I like to do with that is go with the shaky head like we have here and get out a little bit deeper with the shaky head or even a big football jig like you have here. A big football jig works great. And another thing deep diving crankbaits, deep diving crankbaits in the summer is way to catch a lot of fish. Because those fish will get out there in that open water and they will school up.
Where Do Bass Go During Summer? (And How To Catch Them) by TacticalBassin on what you want or what you're fishing but some kind of of four and a half to five inch swim bait rigged on a swim bait head is money you know these fish are actively feeding they're they're schooled up they're chasing bait they're trying to trying to eat right and they are machines so some kind another blow up getting distracted some kind of swim bait now all of these techniques that i'm talking about here in the near near future matt and i will do completely in-depth uh videos on the swim baits the crank baits the square bills the deep cranks the swing the pivot point football heads all of it we'll do in-depth videos but just wanted to get you guys kind of a a video kind of thinking about summertime out here we're kind of in that transition but get get yourself thinking about summertime get the baits ahead of time the gear you're gonna need because it is coming so deep bait kind of kind of going off track here um if i'm gonna slow down and finesse fish i i keep it fairly simple like i said before these fish are all about grass but more importantly they're all about cover so if you're fishing a highland reservoir or a lowland reservoir that has semi-clear water there's not a lot of offshore structure look at your marinas your houseboats your floating campsites that sort of stuff
Bass Fishing in Extreme Summer Heat! (Best Baits & Locations) by LakeForkGuy throw that at all depths and kind of hit that same thing with the swim bait really I've got a deep diving jig head in here I've got a three quarter ounce right now but you know a swim bait like this you can you can slow roll it deep you can cast it out if they're kind of busting near the surface and just reel it this is typically for a little better water Clarity but these are some moving bait options that I like to have tied on the spinner bait can be good but I like that more like early morning or if there's a Shad spawn happening or if I'm gotta fish that around some cover some brush and things like that then then I'll pick up this better bait but typically this time of year fish are more out in those deeper spots more open water and these selections right here are pretty good for your moving baits but there's a million moving baits and there's a thousand different ways you can catch fish so this is just my personal preferences on things for most of the Lakes I fish the other thing you must have must have in your selections is some sort of soft plastic dragger baby you gotta have something to crawl around down there with your Plastics whether that be a Shaky Head on a spinning setup or a big worm setup like I have here
Summer Bass Fishing Techniques and Tips | Bass Fishing by Bass Fishing Tips & Techniques by BassResource So let's start off with, with the shallow fish. What I like to do is, is I like to find lakes that have a lot of vegetation in them. If there's a lot of hydrilla, a lot of milfoil, coontail, lily pads, any kind of like this got a lot of vegetation like that. Those weeds create a lot of oxygen, a lot of shade, lot of shelter and lot of cover. Bait fish naturally go in there, and insects also feed and live in there. That's naturally gonna attract the bass. So those are areas to hit if your lake has a lot of weeds and stuff, focus on those areas during the summertime, you'd be really surprised how many fish are in there. It just depends on the kind of weeds you have, whether you can hit it with, you know, you get a go punching with jigs and punch through that matted vegetation or if it's just under the surface, you might be able to bring a spinnerbait over the top of them or shallow diving crankbait, something like that. But that's the areas I would target if that's the majority of the cover available on the lake. Now if your lake doesn't have a lot of vegetation, older reservoirs sometimes don't have that. Now you got to focus more on structure. And what I mean by structure, that's any kind of contour change on the bottom. You're looking for humps, ridges, ledges, drop-offs, creek channels, long tapering points, things like that is what you want to look for, for structure.
Swimbaits For Summer Bass Fishing | Bass Fishing by Bass Fishing Tips & Techniques by BassResource At the summertime, I'm using that kind of paddle tail bait. Do you know why? It's they go in deep water, and chasing shad a lot. Also, they are make a schooling especially summertime. So, before fishing deep water, we gotta using the electronics, to found the school. That's most important. Then you gotta choose a little bit compact, small heavyweight swimbait I'm using. I'm using the 3/8 jighead right here with Keitech single impact 3.3. It's a little bit smaller, but they are looking for the little bitty shad. They sometime eating big shad, but I recommend to the 3.3 because it's easy to eat for them. So, that's why I'm using the little bitty swimbait with the tiny, tiny 3/8th jig head. But basically, in the summertime the fish going, it's pretty close to the 20-foot range, so it's okay the quarter ounce, but it take a time... Also, I want to make a kind of reaction bite. So, the heavy-weight jig head make a reaction bite, and make a slow retrieve, and sometimes faster retrieve, and it depends on where the fish are. Then also I'm using the Shimano Zodias 7'2" medium heavy and 14-pound Fluorocarbon Line. But the line, it depends on where you fishing. If you fishing close to the timber, I recommend the 16, yeah, 14, 16. Then if we don't have anything around your fish, I chose the 10, 12-pound fishing line for the baitcasting reel. Then I'm using the Shimano Metanium HG, which is a little high gear ratio.
7 Best Bass Lures That Work For Summer | How To | Bass Fishing by Bass Fishing Tips & Techniques by BassResource And I'll take that and use it kind of like a crankbait. I'll go along a weed edge and you just throw it out and wind it back in, just a nice, steady retrieve. A lot of times, that's all you need to do to get bites, so you can bring it along docks, you can throw it across flats, maybe a stumpy flat, or maybe an area where there's scattered chunk rock, or it's even good to fishing riprap. But, because of the weight on it, you can fish it deeper too. You can let it sink all the way down and get down to those deeper depths where the bass may be hanging in the summertime and still bring it across. It looks like a little baitfish, just winding along there. You catch a lot of bass that way. So swim jig is one of my top favorites in the summertime. But another jig that I like to throw is the weedless jig because it's weedless. And a lot of times in the summer, that's where the bass are hanging out. They congregate in and around weeds. It could be coontail, it could be Hydrilla, or milfoil or any kind of, you know, lily pads, what have you, because that's where the baitfish are. Sometimes that's where the insects are and that's where the bass are going to go to feed. You can take the jig and work it through all these weeds without getting hung up as much as you would with other baits.

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