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Where is the best public lake for trophies using swimbaits?

Choosing the top public lake for trophy catches with swimbaits can depend on several factors, including the region you're in, the time of year, and the specific species of bass you're targeting. However, based on the video context provided, it seems like the anglers are having success with swimbaits in a variety of settings, from clear water docks to topwater situations in trophy ponds.

When targeting trophy bass with swimbaits, you'll want to look for lakes that have a reputation for big fish and also support the forage base that matches your swimbait selection. Lakes with ample cover, such as submerged vegetation, timber, and docks, can be particularly productive as they provide ambush points for predatory bass.

Some renowned public lakes known for trophy bass that respond well to swimbaits include:

  1. Lake Fork in Texas - Known for its trophy largemouth bass and clear water that can be ideal for sight fishing with swimbaits around docks and structure.
  2. Clear Lake in California - Offers a diverse habitat with plenty of big bass that can be caught on swimbaits, especially around the shad spawn.
  3. Lake Guntersville in Alabama - A legendary bass fishery where large swimbaits can be effective around its vast aquatic vegetation and river ledges.
  4. Chickamauga Lake in Tennessee - Has produced numerous trophy bass and is a great location for throwing big swimbaits, particularly around the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) lake system.
  5. The California Delta - A vast network of waterways where swimbaits can mimic the natural forage like bluegill and shad, attracting trophy-sized bass.

Remember, the key to success with swimbaits is to match the hatch, meaning your swimbait should closely resemble the local forage. Pay attention to the size, color, and swimming action of your bait to ensure it's as enticing as possible to those trophy bass. Also, consider the time of year and the bass's behavior patterns, such as post-spawn and summer feeding habits, to increase your chances of a trophy catch.

If you're looking for specific advice on a particular lake or region, feel free to provide more details, and I can tailor my recommendations to your fishing scenario. Happy fishing, and tight lines!

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My Top 5 Swimbaits Of All Time! by crazybassfisher the lake that I fish locally it's a really fun Lake to fish during uh you know post spawn Into Summer and it's just a really fun Lake just to go and have fun it's pretty close it's only like 35 40 minutes away and there's a ton of fish and they absolutely destroy this seven inch size bait and I feel like with the gancraft 178 a lot of guys aren't fishing it but I can fish it pretty fast it looks very much like a jerkbait in the water and the fish just absolutely crush it and so having a bait of this size that I can fish pretty fast during those months has just been an absolute blessing so again craft 178 Jeffy an honorable mention for one of my favorites and then the last honorable mention is going to be kind of like a three-way tie but that falls all under the same umbrella that is the working class zero battle shads or citizens either ones also like the 7.5 battle Shad 9.0 battle Shad or even like the citizen 7. these baits have been really really fun to fish throughout the few years that I've been fishing them and they're so versatile and you can fish them anywhere and when the fish are on the bottom and they're on Shad or they really want that Shad profile instead of you know a trout bait like the Magnum I mean it's
Fishing for 15lb Bass w/ Topwater in HIDDEN Trophy Pond! by KickinTheirBASSTV fish in here and if you use some top water I've had a lot of luck in the far section of this Lake up here especially on the right side there's like a little Cove so we're gonna kind of zoom up and go straight to this one area that I feel like we can get a bite right out the gate at and then we're gonna work our way around some hot water there's gonna be some fish up here all right guys so last time we were out here we did the top water frog fishing tournament and uh today we just got the sold top Waters we can use any top orders we want the first fish actually came right here which is my biggest fish of the day almost five pounds so these shade lines I think are going to be key especially with how hot it is we're in 90 degree weather today it is hot I'm just hoping these fish are going to eat top water I don't think the bites are going to come easy but I think we can get it done so I have to cover a lot of water and I think I might pop one off here in this corner in the shade thank you oh it's a nice one too oh oh it's a good one Tara I don't know if he's quite four pounds but it's probably like a three three
Big Swimbaits & Sight Fishing Clear Water Docks by LakeForkGuy tournament going on or something so many boats I think just fishing is good but I've seen a lot of guys out here on the main lake so I'm wondering why aren't you up there in them pockets so hopefully we get a bass in the hand in just a few minutes get a good sniff continue the momentum and to Bass awesomeness all about them large heads today but I'm gonna keep my eye out for some crappie tomorrow morning all right let's rock and roll all right folks we're gonna kind of start on the outside of the pocket where I was seeing a lot of fish and I don't think pocket that I saw the fish in is special I don't think it's localized or anything I think there's a bass on a bed just chasing away a bluegill this is something I've would never do I don't know how to fish this thing this is a um this is a Buca Bay this is like a bull Shad it's custom painted a lady custom painted this for me the lady that does the paint jobs there signed it pretty awesome it's almost just like a showpiece but I don't know it looks like a bluegill I guess it's a wake bait so how fast can I swim this thing I don't know I don't know this feels feels weird for me oh my God oh my God there's a 10 pounder there's a 10 pounder
Top 3 Baits For Summer Bank Fishing! by TacticalBassin tail worm now last scenario for you let's paint a little picture say you're fishing a uh a highland reservoir and you walk out to uh some shore access maybe it's a main lake point so now you're fishing a point that goes way out into the main lake you've got some steep steep kind of rolling off uh point kind of edges and uh you have some deep water access now i'm going to fish again top water go with your bigger top waters your big your 120 125 sized uh topwaters you know like your your spooks your rovers uh your bigger whopper ploppers your 130s i've caught so many fish suspended out off of main lake points on top water those fish are just sitting out there you know they move in and out when they come up to that the shoreline to feed and they back out they suspend looking up and throw that top water out there those fish will come up uh one bait i wanted to talk about quickly if you guys love throwing buzz baits this time of year i love throwing buzzbaits check out this little guy right here this is actually the braybeck baby buzz it is more i'm not going to say it's a finesse buzzbait because it still has that real stout wire you know you're not going to bend it out but it's got little tiny props on it so if you guys love throwing top water
Target Walleye AND Bass With Paddle Tail Swimbaits by Wired2Fish when it strikes it'll rip that plastic a little bit you want to make sure that there's no tear in your plastic and so you're good to go on the next cast we were shooting under waters and I watched this Baptist chase chase chase and I just momentarily set on the bottom and then just popped twice and he just inhaled it oh nice smallmouth Oh beautiful part about fishing a swimbait isn't it catches everything regardless of species you know if somebody said you could only take one plastic out especially in the spring barn on a paddle tail just so much fun to fish look at that that's a five-pound fish right there
Summer Paddletail Swimbaits…Size/Rigging/Technique Secrets by Intuitive Angling With Randy Blaukat fish are in that sort of that 10 to 30 foot zone on the bottom specifically largemouth this is a bait that i use on lakes that have large mouth on it the prime example would be all the tva lakes you know pickwood guntersville chickamauga all that really good places to throw the big swimbait you don't have to have river ledges if you have a lake that's just got points on it it can be really good for that but i generally fish this bait i'll throw it out there on the heavy head let it hit the bottom and just slowly try to crawl it back maybe six inches or foot off the bottom and uh they will hammer like that i've caught some really good fish at lake barkley and lake kentucky on this bait this isn't really my favorite color i prefer more of a shady or albino this is actually one of my favorite colors for florida or texas the more gold here but big five inches of the deep one next one would be the four inch this is the four inch mega bath spark chad sort of a size comparison with that on that you can see it sort of see the two this would be there's a couple different applications i use this let's say for example i'm getting some good bites on the five inch model fish and structure areas if the bite starts to slow down a little

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