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What rod action is best suited for throwing big swimbaits?

The best rod action for throwing big swimbaits is a moderate to fast action rod. A moderate action rod will load a little bit slower, allowing the fish to fully engulf the swimbait before setting the hook. This can result in a higher hookup ratio. On the other hand, a fast action rod will load up quicker, delivering the force of your hook set to the hook point faster. This is beneficial when fishing baits like swim jigs or football jigs, where bass often eat the entire bait before you even notice the bite.

In the video context provided by Fish the Moment, they explain that a moderate action rod is preferred for swimbaits to allow for a delay in setting the hook, while a fast action rod is preferred for jigs to set the hook quickly. Both rods mentioned in the video have a heavy power, which allows for casting heavier baits like swimbaits and football jigs.

It's important to note that the power of the rod should also be considered when choosing a rod for big swimbaits. A heavy power rod is recommended for throwing larger swimbaits, as it provides the necessary backbone and strength to handle the weight and fight of the fish.

Overall, a moderate to fast action rod with a heavy power is ideal for throwing big swimbaits. However, it's always a good idea to consider the specific fishing conditions, such as water clarity and fish pressure, as these factors may influence your choice of rod action and power.

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SPRING BUYER'S GUIDE: Best Rods And Reels For Bass Fishing! by TacticalBassin fishing destroyer and again like I said in the iroki line they they have uh Mega bass has really fine-tuned their reaction bait actions their reaction bait actions right that's how yeah and uh this is just a rod that stands out in that lineup that if you are looking to throw six to eight inch swim baits um treble hook swim baits uh and smaller jig hook swim baits this Rod can do it all and it's high quality JDM Parts very light very sensitive and it's short yeah it's designed to be a travel Rod yeah it's it doesn't feel like a swimbait rod in the hand but when you set the hook you're like oh you know it's just it's one of those rods it's a standout and you can do a lot of different things on it so that's why we picked this one yep big jig Big Texas Rig flutter spooning giant striper yeah we've done all sorts of things with that rod all right this is one of my favorites Legend tournament specifically the 7-4 heavy the 7-4 heavy I have bought in several of the Saint Croix lines I love that 7-4 heavy uh I first discovered it swimming smaller swimbaits on a beast hook that's where it really jived with me then since then I branched out I've thrown a swim jig on it a bunch I've thrown smaller frogs on it you could throw big frogs on it too
Common Fishing Rod Confusions Explained | Rod Action and Power Made Simple by Fish the Moment crushers however with a moderate action rod it's going to load a little bit slower and allow that fish to get that swim bait all the way in the back of its mouth and get a really solid hookup ratio at the same time though because it's a heavy power rod you can still cast that big swim bait really well on the flip side when you're fishing a bait like a three-quarter on football jig that's on the bottom bass will often eat the entire bait before you even notice that you have a bite in this case you want to be able to set that hook as quickly as possible and that fast action rod is going to load up quicker and deliver the force of your hook set to that hook point a lot faster with the swimbait again you want that delay to let that fish actually eat the bait with the jig you don't need that delay so a fast action rod is actually preferred and again both of these rods have a heavy power so they can cast that three quarter ounce football jig the exact same way as you would a three quarter ounce head on a hollow belly swim bait and so then the tricky part is putting power together with action so if you take the power the weight that you're going to be throwing and then mix it with the action the technique that you're going to be fishing
Swimbait Fishing Full Seminar For Beginners and Advanced Anglers! by TacticalBassin swim bait and trying to keep fish down that way by not pulling quite as hard and just not pulling on them hard enough that they want to come to the top different way of doing it I will say if you're fishing your big expensive swimming it's on 20 pound fluoro you are going to lose more money that is just part of it at some point you are breaking some baits off when you throw it on really big gear that's not as much of a concern but there's a time and a place for it if you're in Clear Water if your fish are super pressured lighter line will get more bites obviously so I do want to take the time to talk about it um probably the best Rod going right now that I've that I've been putting a lot of time into is the actual the spro KGB Rod uh before throwing that Chad chat I mean this Rod is built specifically for that bait it's very limber and I like the spro rod they did a good job long handle it's actually longer than I need it sticks out the back a little bit but that doesn't matter um long handled plenty of Rod for lobbing those baits again I'm still going braid to leader that's just me but you could throw this on 20 25 pound fluoro the rod is extremely parabolic so if you want to throw some of these
Five Rod and Reel Setups to Cover Most Anything | How To | Bass Fishing by Bass Fishing Tips & Techniques by BassResource Again, some of you taller guys would rather use this kind of rod for flipping and pitching, which is fine. But on top of that, I throw buzzbaits. This is definitely a frogging rod and a toad rod for sure. That fast-action rod is gonna enable you to cast that long distances. That longer rod is going to enable you to pull those fish out of that cover in those long casts, it's going to give you that leverage. This is also an excellent punching rod. So throwing heavier weights into that thicker cover, you get that fish that's buried in the cover when he bites. So you need a longer rod with more leverage to pull him out. This rod also makes for an excellent Carolina rigging rod. And for, you know, medium-size swimbaits, you have to look on the lure weight rating on the rod to figure out what size you can throw. But a lot of, you know, larger swimbaits, this makes a rod excellent for that. So paired with it, I'll use, again, it's a medium-power, a medium-speed reel like a 7.4 to 7.8 to 1 gear ratio. Because I'm using this for slow-moving baits and I'm also using it for fast-moving baits like swimbaits. If you're not going to throw a lot of swimbaits with it or buzzbaits, then you can go down in gear ratio, go down to 6 something. And, again, a strong drag is imperative with this. Your fishing heavy stuff. This is a stout equipment.
The Best all Around Rod for Bass Fishing by Flukemaster like this buzz bait and spinner baits have a little bit thicker hook require a little bit more backbone then then a crank bait rod can give you something like that um you can fish them you know you can fish a buzz bait in the spinner bait on a medium heavy rod or a medium fast action rod this is a medium fast action rod so the two rods that I recommend that you look at for bait casters is a medium fast action and a medium heavy fast or moderate action a moderate action is good for spinner baits buzzbaits a lot of different moving baits deep diving crankbaits on medium diving crankbaits jigs for Carolina rigs jigs bit heavy Texas rigs you know that the the upper spectrum of of Bates 3/8 ounce are heavier medium fast action rod if you like to fish rattle traps and square bills um buzz bait spinner baits what else strike fish on them pull around shaky heads Texas rigs I mean just about anything that falls is you know three pounds or less I love to fish with a medium fast action rod I'll fish a weightless fluke weightless trick worm on it but if you'd like to fish that type of stuff and you're not really good at a bait caster then you need to consider something like a like a spinning rod a medium action spinning rod is good for for shaky head for drop
Increase Hookups with Texas-rigged Soft Swimbaits by Wired2Fish got the big heavy rod it's kind of a moderate action jig rod is what I like to use. (This is a MegaBass Black Jungle Series Power Versatile Rod 7'4) It's got a lot of meat to it with that 40 LB braid and you don't have to set the hook that hard. If you're fishing a mat like this whether it be a buzz frog or a swimbait like this when that fish blows up on it all you've got to do it drop the slack and give her a nice little sweep. This is braided line. Whether you have 40 feet out or 4 feet out it's not going to stretch, it's got zero stretch. Rely on your rod for that power whether it be a toad, a frog, or a swimbait like this rely on your rod for the power because your line is not going anywhere. It's not going to flex or stretch on you so if that fish blows up on you on that swimbait like so just drop the slack, load it up, and give it a nice sweep.

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