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What are the best trailer hooks for swimbaits?

When it comes to choosing trailer hooks for swimbaits, there are a few factors to consider. The type of trailer hook you choose can greatly impact the action and effectiveness of your swimbait. In the videos, they mention using different types of trailers for different situations, so it's important to match your trailer hook to the conditions you're fishing in.

In the video by Wired2Fish, they mention using swimbait trailers that have a lot of resistance to help lift and hold the bait up in the water column. This suggests that using a trailer hook with a lot of resistance can be beneficial in certain situations. They also mention using swimbait trailers that match the hatch, so you may want to consider using a trailer hook that mimics the appearance of the baitfish in the area.

In the video by TacticalBassin, they discuss the importance of choosing the right trailer for swim jigs. They mention using trailers that create a lot of vibration and action, so you may want to look for a trailer hook that has a lot of movement and can create a realistic swimming motion.

Based on the information provided in the videos, it seems that the specific type of trailer hook you choose will depend on the conditions you're fishing in and the type of action you want to achieve. It's always a good idea to have a variety of trailer hooks in your tackle box so you can experiment and see what works best for you in different situations.

If you have any specific questions about trailer hooks or need more information, please provide more context or clarify your question, and I'll be happy to help further.

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How to Choose Bass Jig Trailers | Swim Jigs and More by Wired2Fish people ask me all the time man what's your favorite trailer I don't have one and the reason for that is is the trailer that you put on this bait or like I said a vibrating jig or a spinner bait any skirted bait that you're going to retrieve through the water column the trailer that you put on that bait changes that bait it makes that bait maybe better for a specific situation or worse for a specific situation so this is a 3 8 ounce swim jig which is kind of middle of the road you know pretty much everybody has a 3 8 ounce swim jig in your boat and then some people like a quarter better than a half so I put like a half better than a quarter but a 3 8 is kind of running the meal you can make this Bait fish completely different just based on what type of trailer you put on the bait and the reason for that is is a trailer is what creates the resistance on this bait so if I want to fish this bait really slow and I want to keep it real high in the water column I want a trailer that's got a lot of resistance to help lift that bait to help hold that bait up and the the trailer to me that has the most resistance is going to be a dual pinchured
Buyer's Guide: Best Jigs and Trailers For Bass Fishing by TacticalBassin trailers are very specific with any swim jig to get the right action you see a lot of guys when they throw swim jigs they're shaking that rod tip to get the action you don't have to do that if you pair up the right trailers the swim jigs themselves create a ton of vibration a ton of action and you can just chuck and wind just like it's a spinner bait or a chatter bait so that's why choosing the right options is so important so the first one is that standard dirty jigs swim jig keep it simple we'll link you probably three colors for every single one of these jigs you can look at those pick a favorite but that's a really good way to go because we'll give you our absolute favorites the ones that we rely on as we travel around the country so that's that guy the other one is one that is very near and dear to my heart this is the california swim jig this is a bait that kurt from dirty jigs and i paired up what 15 years ago or something to design i mean we were kids the california swim jig was built because there was a need for a heavy wire swim jig it literally didn't exist in the whole market no one made one with a heavy heavy hook so we built the california swim jig with a no jack hook and you cannot
Maximize Swim Jig Effectiveness With the Right Gear by Wired2Fish is trailers the sky is the limit when it comes to trailers I always just try to match my trailers to the conditions okay the colder the water the less action I want in my trailer the warmer water the more action I want if there's a shad spawn or a bream spawn going on I try to use some type of a swim bait trailer something that's gonna match the hatch when it comes to colors if I'm on a big swim jig bike I have three rods laying up there with three different colors one that's white one that's black and blue and one that's something green pumpkin I don't care where you going to country what time of the year it is one of those three colors is gonna work for you you know another big question that I get asked all the time is what rod and reel do I use this is my Signature Series swim jig rod from castaway okay I call it an 80/20 rod 80% backbone 20% tip basically it's a flipping stick frame with a spinnerbait tip on it okay what that rod does it gives you a few benefits that I think are very important okay one it's gonna give you the ability to make those nice roll cast so you can skip way under Doc's way under flooded bushes make very accurate cast and not be fighting the rod the other benefit
Buyer's Guide: Chatterbaits and Spinnerbaits for Every Situation by TacticalBassin and that trailer is flapping in the wind on its way out on the cast that hook or that tail will come around and catch that hook point and you foul i don't know 10 of your cast maybe it's probably less than that but a 4.3 is just short enough that that problem is almost completely eliminated i'll foul up on my hook every once in a blue moon it just makes the actual fishing that much smoother so use a keitech as a trailer in the daylight to really get a full profile on that bait when you've got a swim bait on the back of a spinnerbait they come in for flash they come in for vibration they come in for profile but when they get there they eat the swim bait and you'll get them every time and you do not need a trailer hook whatsoever but again a 3.8 for the little guys and a 4.3 for the full profiles will make your life so much easier again the each of these baits have a time in the place matt talked about the shad spawn you're getting that extra flash you're kind of mimicking a school of bait chatter bait you're getting that vibration they can sense it stained water they can feel it a lot farther so they each have a time of the place time and a place and we each have our own confidence baits but hopefully
Swim-jig Trailers...Secrets For Choosing The Correct Ones For Springtime Fishing by Intuitive Angling With Randy Blaukat this twin towel will really bring it up bring them up a lot okay the next two that i use as i want to go over are more of the paddle tails and man this thing these trailers are this keeper so good on this thing you can't hardly get this trailer off when you put it up on there the two other ones i'm using is the mega bath spark shad you know like a four inch megabass shark spark shad and you know this is the zoom easy swim sort of like the kytek you know both of these like here there's two different situations i'll rig the uh spark shadow first the time that you want to use the paddle tails in the spring time of the year there's two different situations if you're fishing water visibilities that are like over over say 18 inches in invisibility and you're covering water where you're not really coming across any type of a specific hard target ambush point like a grass edge or doc dot corner lay downs that type of stuff this is the time that i go to the spark chat on there this is almost like a swim bait you know it's sort of a combo swimbait swim jig and the time that i'm using this again it's the spring time of the year it can be it could work in a little bit cooler water than the twin tail so i'll
The Best Spring Swim Jig Tips and Tricks - How To from Wes Logan | Bass Fishing by Bass Fishing Tips & Techniques by BassResource the best jig I've found on the market. It's just got a really beefy hook. That 5/16 with the trailer that I use, that I'll get into in a second. It kinda lets that jig float there around the cover. Whatever cover I may be throwing it around, and they've got some great colors. I mean, it's just a really all-around great swim jig. You're never gonna flex that No-Jack hook. I mean, you could literally tie it to a bumper of a truck, and I don't think you would bend it, but into a little bit more detail. Like I said, this is my favorite swim jig. In one of the trailers that I use, a lot of the times is a Zoom Super Speed Craw, and basically, what it is it's just a craw style bait, you know, it's got the cut tails, but it's got some big flappers. And what that allows it to do is it's gonna, like, float in the water more than a smaller, slim line craw style bait with smaller pinchers. And that's gonna let me be able to work it slower in the springtime which I feel like is a bigger deal, where you want the bait to be making a lot action, but not bringing the bait towards you as fast. So, you don't wanna be moving the bait through the water towards you fast, but you want the bait to be doing a lot of movement where it's at. And with that 5/16 weight, and this trailer, you're able to do that.

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