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What areas hold the most trophy bass potential for swimbaits?

Based on the video context provided, areas with the highest potential for trophy bass when using swimbaits are typically main lake points, secondary points, deep boat docks, bluff banks, steep banks, submerged timber, and areas with a mix of cover. These areas provide the bass with the opportunity to come up on the bait from different directions, such as from the bottom, sides, or top, making it more likely to catch bigger fish.

In the video "3 Tricks To Catching Bass With BIG Swimbaits" by Intuitive Angling With Randy Blaukat, he mentions that fishing swimbaits around main lake or secondary steeper points is where he has had the most success with big swimbaits. He explains that these areas allow the bass to come at the swimbaits from all four different directions, increasing the chances of catching larger fish.

Additionally, in the video "Why Big Swimbaits Are Ignored By Average Anglers And Used By Pros" by Intuitive Angling With Randy Blaukat, he mentions that gradual sloping points that drop off into deeper water, whether they be secondary points or main lake points, tend to hold bigger fish, particularly during the pre-spawn and post-spawn periods. These are also good areas to fish with big swimbaits.

It's important to note that the specific areas where trophy bass can be found may vary depending on the location and the time of year. Different bodies of water and regions may have their own unique hotspots for big bass. It's always a good idea to do some research or consult with local experts to find the best areas for trophy bass in your specific fishing location.

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Which Big Swimbait Should You Try First? by TacticalBassin you Fisher let me move it up you're going to want to throw baits there's some what we list you know I really love the Osprey the tournament talent this thing's been fit to pieces but this is a great great swim bait it's got the boot tail on there it's got a big real big stump and gets those real aggressive fish to eat another one that's a great great way to rig up is the bass tricks you can rig this multiple different ways on jig heads or weedless owner beast so if those sort of things you could fire the stuff up into the toolies and work it through the through the jump so those are two good ones you know you might even want throw a swim jig in there you know swim jig is a great great bait to get you know 3/4 out showed up in that stuff and just learn it through just pound it through the toolies now we're talking about truely's because that's what we've got but we know you guys are all over the place but these are all baits we don't care if you're in California you're on the East Coast it doesn't matter when your fish first start to get aggressive first start feeding up for the spawn these are based both of those hard something paddle tails a lot of body roll to them and they just get that reaction bite
3 Tricks To Catching Bass With BIG Swimbaits… by Intuitive Angling With Randy Blaukat points like main Lake and secondary points off the ends of deep boat docks Bluff Bank steep Bank something like that over the top of submerged Timber places where the bass have to come up on the bait and from a considerable distance that is how you're going to catch your big ones when you're around these areas that have deeper water and you've got a combination of some various mix of cover and you got suspended and bottom bass both all this is a mix to catch big ones on there because if you if you fish like say for example a main Lake Point that a lot of people do in the fall time of the year if you pull up to that point you might catch five or six fish on a Shaky Head on that point but they might be a pound a pound pound and a half fish they're maybe an eight or ten pounder down there just swimming around it's just not interested in that it's not interested and it's expelling its energy for a little weenie Worm but something like this is a big commitment and they know if they get something like this it's going to hold them over week or so so you're after that Minority of giant fish in a particular area and those are the best areas to fish them so concentrate on your steep Banks deep docks points that type of stuff the next
Summer Bass Fishing Tricks: Swimbaits and Crankbaits! by TacticalBassin over that deep water and we can catch them anywhere in between the fact that they're on that outside structure doesn't mean that they're deep sometimes on these outside points it's a square bill bite sometimes it's a spinnerbait bite sometimes it's tall water and sometimes it's deep cranking throwing a jig throwing a big worm we're gonna make a move we'll start running around see if we can't catch some more fish got him that's what we're talking about look at that swim bait just choked that is the five inch burrito and he wanted it man that's fun so you notice i started out with a little bait now obviously i'm throwing a much larger bait the tennessee river where i am is much more diverse than most fisheries so here if i'm in the back of a creek maybe they're eating a little bait or maybe there's big bait back there i get out here on the main river now i've run into them and they're chasing big gizzard chad and i can actually physically see it if they come up schooling busting on the surface i'll actually see the size of the bait fish so here i have to be prepared with all these different sizes to match what's going on on your lake it's probably not that way you can find the right size bait whether that's a two inch bait a four inch bait an eight inch bait
The No. 1 Reason Most Anglers Have Never Caught A Big Swimbait Bass by Intuitive Angling With Randy Blaukat is i found that you if you're fishing the swim bait around open water like where there's not much cover on the bank like if it's just rocky banks or something like that you've got to fish these swim baits in an area that gives the bass the opportunity to come at them from all four corners in other words the water has to be deep enough where the fish can come up from the bottom to get it or they can come from the sides or they can come from the top that's why i've done the best on these big swim baits around like you know any type of main lake or secondary steeper points where the bass have the option to come at them from all four different directions if you don't have cover the next thing that you want to fish these things around and probably my favorite way to fish them is to fish them around some type of cover now this could be whatever cover that you have it could be around the corner of a boat dock boat docks are great places to fish big swim baits on because the fish you know they attack it from an ambush point and that's the same with any type of cover i've done really good on them around flooded bushes anytime you have flooded trees in the water when the water's higher again it provides an ambush point lime or around blow down
Why Big Swimbaits Are Ignored By Average Anglers And Used By Pros by Intuitive Angling With Randy Blaukat drops off fairly s quick and uh you know so basically let's say you're both in 20 foot of water and you're cast into the bank on the long cast and halfway back to the bank you're in 10 to 15 feet of water those gradual sloping points that drop off into deeper water whether they be secondary points main lake points it doesn't really matter those type of areas tend to hold bigger fish a lot of times particularly during the pre-spawn and post pond time of the year and i have found on these giant swim baits you've got two different actually all three different scenarios but the three different time frames that they work best are during the pre-spawn and the post-spawn uh during the middle of the summer for smallmouth up north and then there's also a bite window that comes in towards the late fall like october that type of stuff those are the three times a year that they bite this thing the best i've never done that really good uh fishing this bait in the middle of the summer for a large mouth for spotted bass lakes that is pre-spawn post spawn type deal so anyway what i'm looking for is i'm fishing those main and secondary points you know with these big swim baits right off the bat making those bombing out those long casts bringing it in with just a slow steady retrieve you know basically
Spring Bass Fishing With Weedless Swimbaits by Wired2Fish cover water try to contact active fish so it's a real efficient way to comb through this stuff oh well there's a nice one big one dude big one oh wow dude yeah look at that guy huh that's way up up sighs - a swimbait look at that solid fish yeah that is a nice way to start out our open water season uh-huh look at that pretty unblemished look at her fins and look at that bait that's just how you want them to eat it fully in their mouth I've got the trocar right in the roof nice easy on hook Stud uh sweet 1-pounders two five pounders man you'll catch them all on a good-sized swimbait regardless a maker model again this freestyle is a is a get bit bait for us it is for guys around the country too and there was the proof let's get her back it's early in the year now and naturally I went to the back end of a Bay looking for the warmest water and we found it the Maine Lakes 54 and then it's 58 up in this Bay so that's a pretty big change in water temp and the largemouth will suck into that stuff as well bluegill and crappie you know it's just all good pre spawn activity we started out uptight to the shore you go look for cover naturally you know some of these lay downs and

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