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What baitcaster rod/reel combo do you recommend for a 7 year old beginner that loves to fish?

For a 7-year-old beginner who enjoys fishing, I would recommend starting with a lightweight and easy-to-use baitcaster combo. In the video, they mention the Dobyns Fury line, which is known for its quality and affordability. You could consider the Dobyns Fury 704, which is a 7-foot, 4-power rod. This rod is versatile and can handle a variety of techniques, such as throwing spinnerbaits, topwaters, chatterbaits, and heavy jigs. Paired with a reel like the SLX, which has a smooth drag system, it would make a great combo for a young angler.

However, it's important to note that baitcasters can be a bit more challenging to use compared to spinning reels, especially for beginners. If your 7-year-old is new to fishing, you might want to consider starting with a spinning combo instead. In the video, they mention a 7-foot medium power fast action spinning rod paired with a Shimano Sedona 2500 reel. This combo is more beginner-friendly and can handle various techniques as well.

Ultimately, the choice between a baitcaster and a spinning combo depends on your child's skill level and comfort with using a baitcaster. If they have prior experience or are eager to learn, a baitcaster combo like the Dobyns Fury 704 with an SLX reel could be a great option. However, if they are new to fishing or prefer a simpler setup, a spinning combo like the 7-foot medium power fast action spinning rod with a Shimano Sedona 2500 reel would be a better choice.

Please keep in mind that the specific models and brands mentioned are just recommendations based on the video context. If you have any additional information or preferences, feel free to provide more details, and I'll be happy to assist you further.

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Buyer’s Guide: Best $200 Rod and Reel Combos! by TacticalBassin i've been very very happy that gnoski has an excellent drag in it i've caught big fish on it and had no issues for those of you guys that are new to the buyer's guides you know we get requests for these to do all year long but it's holiday time it's shopping time so we want to make it easy for the non-fisherman family member or friend to purchase you the gear that you want and like so that is why we do these it's a lot of fun we get to spend the entire year kind of playing around with all the different brands all the different models and just really find those key rods and reels that stand out so i'm going to start off with the baitcaster again i'm going to stick with that dobbins fury line uh again very technique specific stuff this is a 704 so a seven foot four power rod this is a rod you can do almost everything with you know you can't throw big swim baits or flip or punch with it but you can throw spinner baits top waters chatter baits you know heavy jigs that sort of stuff you can do all of it but if you really want to get technique specific start with the 704 it's just it does everything but it does everything very very well i don't know if that makes sense it does in my mind but paired that up with an slx
The Best Fishing Rod & Reel Combos For New Bass Fisherman by Bass Fishing Declassified can throw braid on here and throw a bow y'all pad Crasher it doesn't really matter uh I can drag a worm I can drag a Biffle Bug uh I can even go down to a little shaky head and I still feel really good about it the reason I would choose seven three over seven foot is because I fish primarily out of a boat and especially in the summer months I'm making long cast so the longer Rod gets me a longer cast but that's it that's that simple that's what I'd pick I don't know what would you pick okay guys I'm about to talk about a rod and reel at a great price point for fishing a crankbait now I'm going to kind of think of one combo and this one combo that I'm going to talk about uh with the length and the gear ratio can be for a new crankbait fisherman or even for an experienced crankbait fisherman okay me myself I have five rods for fishing crank baits with from shallow all the way to the 10xds I'm very very like deep cranking and any really depths of cranking is my thing okay one of my things so I'm just going to go and share with my experience one combo so if you're new to crankbait fishing or if you're experienced angler and you're just wanting to just have one or two crankbait rods and you just want to hear
The Best Fishing Rod & Reel Combos For New Bass Fisherman by Bass Fishing Declassified today in the Bass Fishing World there are so many different types of rods and reels to choose from but today on bass fishing Declassified Cal cordiana miles Burghoff and myself are going to share with you one combo one rod and reel combo that can go through a variety of techniques to help you when you go out there on choosing your rod and reels hey guys Kyle Cody on here bass fishing Declassified real quick I've been asked what is the one rod that I can put in my boat that I have the most common is in I can throw a bunch of baits it's a really diverse Rod if I was only going to buy one rod I'm gonna buy one rod first off the action is going to be a medium heavy action I'm gonna buy the length I'm say seven foot or seven foot three inches I'm gonna pick a seven three but I wouldn't argue with a seven foot medium heavy this is a Kistler helium seven foot three medium heavy for my reel I'm going with something with a seven to one gear ratio this is a series one 7.3 to 1 Kissler series one reel uh I can put almost any bait I want to throw on this with the exception of some really really light stuff I can throw a swim bait on this I can put a Booyah popper on this I
The Best Fishing Rod & Reel Combos For New Bass Fisherman by Bass Fishing Declassified companies will make a 7-2 um you know a 7-1 in some cases anywhere from seven foot to seven three medium heavy depending on your height and just what you feel comfortable with that is going to be the best fast rod for a lot of different things you can bottom bounce techniques like a like a a text rig or a Carolina rig you can even finesse fish a little bit like with a drop shot and stuff like that so all all those bottom bouncing techniques you can also use reaction techniques crank baits spinner baits chatter baits swim jigs all those things you can fish with a seven three medium heavy and then you pair that with a good casting reel um you know something in the 7.2 to 1 7.3 to 1 gear ratio that's seven range is really going to treat you well for a lot of different situations it's not too fast to to be able to use with uh you know some of the crankbaits it's not optimal for like deep diving crankbaits but you can fish it um and but it's it's it's just a good moderate gear ratio for for those styles of fishing now this Rod right here rod and reel combo if I was to to to recommend one rod and reel combo that you can get in for a reasonable price this one right here is the Fitzgerald uh fx8 combo this is a reel I've been using
Top 3 Rod and Reel Combos for Bass Fishing! by Nathan Quince Fishing can do everything except top water if you have fluorocarbon on this Rod so I highly recommend that guy that's going to be what you're looking for to get this Arsenal started the other two we're going to go a little bit more in depth on and the third one you're actually going to have two options it's going to depend on where you fish so after I purchase that setup right there this would be the next one I would purchase however most of you probably already have this set up you probably purchased it before the baitcaster because this is what everybody starts on when they fish this Rod right here is a seven foot medium power fast action Rod I would highly recommend this one don't get a medium light don't get one of the shorter combos that are like six foot eight and specified towards drop shot fishing I would get the seven footer you can do every technique you need to with this spinning rod right here a medium fast action super basic spinning setup I have a Shimano Sedona on here this is the 2500 size this is a 70 dollar reel this is a custom rod I built myself but you can get a Dobbins Fury of this guy as well for around 100 bucks so again another 200 combo and you're ready to fish again so that's what I would recommend there and then when I'm
Best BAITCAST RODS Ever? (4 Baitcasters You NEED) by BassFishingHQ deck of your boat or with you at all times and if you don't you definitely should again a seven foot medium heavy action rod now this particular rod i really like to use this rod for spinner baits i also like to use this rod for chatter baits i will also use braid on this rod and use it for buzz baits not having it be too long but still having a little length really allows you to place a bait where you need it to be so this is also my favorite skipping rod so if i'm skipping a jig under docks or something like that this is the rod i go with i'm going to put 20 pound fluorocarbon on it when i do that point of this video is that really you only need four rods and you can match up different reels with that rod to do your different techniques for instance when i'm fishing a spinner bait with this rod i actually like a little bit slower gear ratio i like a six point three to one or some or six point eight to one something in that gear ratio is what i really really like now if i'm skipping a dock with a jig i like a 8.1 which is the reel that i have on here right now so guys this is the first rod this is this is a great rod all-purpose this is literally called the all-purpose rod

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