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Best setup to catch trout?

To catch trout, the best setup would be a fly rod and reel. Trout have soft tissue in their mouths, so you need light gear to keep them hooked. A fly rod is the best choice because it provides the sensitivity and flexibility needed to keep the trout pinned. A 4-weight fly rod is recommended, as it acts like a rubber band to keep the trout hooked.

If you're using spinning gear, you'll need a light or ultra-light rod. A medium or medium-light rod may be too stiff for trout. When using spinning gear, it's important to lift up and lean into the trout when setting the hook, rather than slinging them into the net like you would with bass. Keep light pressure on the trout and let them do their thing before gently scooping them up.

In terms of fishing techniques, it's important to read the current and understand the rivers where trout are found. Trout tend to concentrate in areas with cold water and current, such as tailwaters or areas near hatcheries. Pay attention to the depth and speed of the water, as getting the timing correct is key to catching trout.

Fly fishing is particularly effective for trout, as it allows you to present the fly directly to the fish and feel the bite. Using a colored line called a cider can help you gauge the depth you need to be fishing at. It's also important to note that different trout may be found in different areas of the river, so it's important to explore different spots and adjust your fishing techniques accordingly.

Overall, the best setup for catching trout is a fly rod and reel, with a 4-weight fly rod being the recommended choice. However, it's important to adapt your gear and techniques based on the specific conditions and preferences of the trout you're targeting.

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Surrounded by River Rainbow Trout! How to Catch them on Rod & Reel? by LakeForkGuy before advance 28. 8 oh he ate the bottom one good guy what did he did you buddy I'm sure you get some bigger ones in the low light oh God you on oh my came off one of the other big lessons I've learned with trout it's hard to get them to buy it in the first place but man getting them in the net with conventional style gear is difficult they fight way different than past do they jump a little bit but they're constantly shaking their heads they have very soft tissue in their mouth and you need light gear so obviously a fly rod is the best choice to keep them pinned like a four-way fly rod and that thing is just a rubber band it's going to keep them hooked up but when you're using spinning gear you got to have a light Rod it's got to be a light or an ultra light you know a medium even a medium light is getting a little stiff for trout cannot set the hook you just gotta lift up lean into them keep light pressure on them and let them do their thing let them dance around it's not like a bass where you're trying to sling him in to the net like you just need to let them do their thing and gently scoop them up oh yeah like he's got a little Thunder on him a little weight
Remote River Camp Set Up & Trout Fishing! by LakeForkGuy you're just directly connected to the fly and the Rod's extremely sensitive so you can feel the bite but I also have a a colored line call it a cider that I'm watching to see the depth I need to be in and right now I've got a little tag in tied that's sticking up and right around that tag end that depth is where I've had my two bites so it changes constantly when you're going to different bins and stuff but right now that's that's where I need to keep my fly and I just witnessed another one jump on this other side surface so there's definitely another one in here somewhere I've just never fished with a fly rod this light to where when you set the hook it's completely bent over on a 14 inch fish so much fun came into my green cider right there I feel like there's a couple of different little guts running through here some fish are going to be in the first one some are going to be on that back side thank you another trout left-hander I got him in the slack pool the same little hair again whatever yep oh this is a better one it's maybe an inch bigger than the last one if you have a tape measure this might be a PB for me bro PB Brown 5X come to pop can't escape the three weight buddy come on oh he doesn't like me
Surrounded by River Rainbow Trout! How to Catch them on Rod & Reel? by LakeForkGuy this type of fishing is difficult for me because reading current uh reading the rivers and things like that is not something that I'm used to even though that I've fished some bass places that kind of look like this the way trout setup is just a little bit different but I've done it enough times now to have a general idea of where I need to be casting and where these fish seem to concentrate and the spot that me and Dad are sitting right now is a tail water of a trout Raceway a hatchery and they need a lot of dissolved oxygen so they need cold water they need current to make that happen and they're dumping the current flow out into the river right here so these trout have a pretty consistent form of current where they can use to feed adding the water they're letting out from the dam and it's making it even harder to read where these trout may be sitting and as you guys are going to see here later on in this video the trout are everywhere I'll show you underwater but right now the the current is ripping and it's hard to see anything under the water biggest thing I've learned over the last few years fishing for trout is you have to get the speed and the depth timing correct once you do that it's like unlocking the secret you start catching a lot of trout got it
Bass Fishing w/ LIVE Trout!!! --BEST Bait for Big Fish??? by Milliken Fishing little tiny ponds they stock them in the fall and early early in the spring when the water is really cold and then one of two things happens one anglers go out and catch them which is awesome even get kids involved in stuff now they're not the best eating because they're stocker trout they've been eating pellets their whole life by the millions and little tiny ponds with thousands and thousands of other trout an option number two is when the water gets warmer I think somewhere in the 7280 degree range water gets into the 90s here in these lakes like this they die off so basically they're stocking meat further for you to catch and take home and eat or so they can die in the summer so that makes me feel much less terrible about keeping one or two of these trout that everyone's out here trying to catch today and use them as bait especially because there's giant fish in here big bass big muskie and even big catfish so hopefully I got my on my bobber over there we need to catch a second one so we can get this guy this rigging system put out there as soon as possible with to live trout that's why it's illegal to do in Nebraska check the regulations at your state I'm gonna try to get this rigged up it's taking me two hours and let's go catch a dog so here's the rig
Catch Big Trout Using Plugs in Rivers | Tailrace Secrets by Wired2Fish kind of what we're doing this is about as far as I can go without um chance and tearing up my boat when the water's off so we're we're basically in limbo we're waiting for the the uh the current to start flowing when the current starts flowing the lake level rises allowing us to get up into different areas of the lake lake tanom is a a tail waterer fishery what happens is the water from tany Como comes from 150 ft deep out of Table Rock Lake so water at 150t deep is always cold and that's what allows trout to live in here always having a constant flow of cold water is what really you know allows the trout to do good in here and it's pretty tough to catch them uh fishing with bass tackle if there's not water running although this looks beautiful and it it's pretty but it's not real now when the water's flowing and a baites you know coming by them real quick you have more of a reaction they're going to make a mistake yeah the Horn's blowing now so that means they're getting ready to release water they put out a schedule every day at 4:30 for what they're going to do tomorrow they don't always go by that schedule but it's it's a pretty good guidelin it's 3:55 so they were supposed to turn it on at 3:00 and it's 4:00 now
MY BEST DAY FLY FISHING EVER! Nymph Fishing Rainbow Trout by LakeForkGuy exact spot every time so key and of course having the right fly on and just catching them one after the other after the other you know I realized this this setup right here that I have it's it's just a backpack setup I really need to get more dialed on the equipment for going after bigger fish and doing more straight nymphing you know Euro nymphing style without the indicators and things like that but I'm learning I'm learning and I'm sure some of y'all that fly fish are going to be dropping comments telling me what uh what I'm doing wrong and what I need to do and what flies are great and I appreciate that go ahead and drop those comments help everybody out in the process you know I've always fished in up in the mountains when I go camping but I've never really dialed in fly fishing and that is really the way that you catch those big ones those big lazy ones just like bass that they've got their certain spot they don't want to move and just throwing a lure over their heads although sometimes it may get them it's it's not comparable to the fly that's really how you dial it in so I want to get my my setup maybe have a couple of setups ready to go jump in the Opus take the family and go do some camping this summer so thank you

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