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Which flies work best on a floating line for summer steelhead on the Deschutes River?

While I specialize in bass fishing, I can certainly share some insights that crossover to steelhead fishing, especially when it comes to fly patterns. When fishing for summer steelhead on the Deschutes River with a floating line, there are a few fly patterns that are known to be quite effective.

  1. Green Butt Skunk - This is a classic pattern that's been used for steelhead for many years. It's a good choice for clear water conditions and can be very effective in the morning or late evening.

  2. Silver Hilton - Another traditional pattern that works well for steelhead. It's particularly effective in slightly off-colored water or when the fish are holding in deeper runs.

  3. Purple Peril - The color purple is often a go-to for steelhead anglers. This pattern can be especially effective in shaded areas or during overcast days when the visibility is lower.

  4. Muddler Minnow - While not a traditional steelhead fly, the Muddler can be effective when steelhead are feeding on smaller fish. It creates a good profile in the water and can be fished in a variety of ways.

  5. Bomber - This is a dry fly pattern that can be skated across the surface to entice aggressive strikes from steelhead. It's a fun and exciting way to fish, especially in the summer months.

Remember, the key to successful fly fishing for steelhead is often presentation and adapting to the conditions of the river. Make sure to vary your retrieve and depth until you find what works. Also, be mindful of the river's insect hatches, as matching the hatch can sometimes make a significant difference.

Since my expertise is more centered around bass fishing, I recommend checking with local fly shops or experienced steelhead anglers on the Deschutes River for the most up-to-date and effective fly patterns for the current conditions. They can provide you with real-time insights that are invaluable when targeting these magnificent fish. Happy fishing!

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My Best Summer Pattern for River Bass | Bass Fishing Strategies by Fish the Moment some deep water to sit in during the summertime when it's really hot and there's no current running but then when the current starts flowing or you get some windy and cloudy conditions like we had today those baths will pull up out of that creek channel onto that grassy bank to feed and the second reason the spot is really good is it's close to this dam and that means that even if they're generating just a tiny bit of current there's going to be some water flow down the edge of this grass and also you can get some current when the doors that lock opens so even if the dam isn't generating any current there's still some current flow whenever the doors that lock open and that's gonna get those fish to pull up in the grass and feed so whenever you're looking for summertime banks to fish on river systems check out the banks closest those lock and dams because you're always gonna find current there the other thing too is this water is chocolate-milk like probably three to four inches of visibility right here and so don't be afraid to throw that top water Vader that buzzbaits and really dirty water those fish will come up and get it even if the water is two to three feet deep I think I'm gonna make another path down this grass line I fished down it with the current and I
Try These Unbeatable Summer Fishing Patterns! by Bass Fishing Declassified today in this video miles Burgos about to share with you a pattern that's very timely and can put big fish in the boat for you than myself I'm going to share a very sneaky pattern a pattern that the experienced Anglers do not want you to know about then Matt steffen's going to get in depth in a pattern that's consistent across the country and any lakes that has grass stay with us guys letting this go get into it bass fishing Declassified is brought to you by fish the moment one way you can support the channels by going to fish the moment.com and checking out our map lake breakdowns checking out the one-on-one virtual lessons we also have sonar guides and and formal virtual seminars as well now hey guys let's go get in and see what miles has to say about fishing in the summer all right everybody so it's summertime and there are a ton of different patterns for you to be able to go out there and catch fish but one of the patterns that has a very narrow window of opportunity but it is a blast has got to be the mayfly hatch you know across the South all the way up North there's a huge hatch that happens during the June July usually those are the two months that it it really happens despite the name being mayfly but you have a huge hatch of these these insects and when I talk
Summer River Bass Fishing | How To | Bass Fishing by Bass Fishing Tips & Techniques by BassResource them that way. So that's a really good bait to use for the summertime. Two others is a deep-diving crankbait. In the summertime a lot of times there's a lot of rocks, not weeds but a lot of rocks mainly due to the strong current. We're using a deep-diving crankbait that gets down to that 10 to 15-foot range and there's some big boulders down there that the fish are sitting behind. You can get that crankbait down there and let it bounce off those rocks and ricochet and dart erratically, and you can trigger bites that way. Conversely, like I mentioned, a lot of times in the summertime these fish are shallow, they're up less than 10 feet of water, and that's where a square bill crankbait works really well. Same presentation, just shallower. Boulders is what I like to go after, rocks, chunk rock, and just let it bounce and ricochet all around these rocks and just dart erratically, and you can get fish that'll jump out behind these bigger rocks to smash that lure. So, typically with these lures, with a spinnerbait, I'll use a white color spinnerbait. And with the crankbaits, I'll use natural colors because, again, the water is pretty clear, so, crawdad color, shad colors, I'll throw maybe chrome in there as well. The blades on the willow leaf blades will be chrome. And if there's been, the water has muddied up a little bit, then I'll throw some chartreuse in there to give it a little more color, a little more contrast. But that's basically it for those lures.
Summer River Bass Fishing | How To | Bass Fishing by Bass Fishing Tips & Techniques by BassResource and digging the fish out of the weeds, then I'll use braid. Other than that, it's straight fluorocarbon. No line, no leader, no braid-to-leader knots anything like that. Straight fluorocarbon because the water's clear. So I want less visibility, it has greater sensitivity, and you have greater control. Braid is buoyant, and when you're in that current situation it bows really quick and you don't have as much control and sensitivity of that bait as it's moving through the current. You need to have that, guys, you have to have that when you're fishing this current. So straight fluorocarbon is the best way to go. All right, so, that's how I fish it in the summertime. That's how I catch a lot of fish and enjoy. Even though it's gonna be super hot out today, get out on the river and catch a lot of fish. For more tips and tricks like this, visit BassResource.com.
Try These Unbeatable Summer Fishing Patterns! by Bass Fishing Declassified everything's feeding on these mayfly and then the bass are right there behind them so what I like to do when I'm targeting these Bluff walls is not necessarily try to imitate the mayflies but try to imitate the forage species that are feeding on the mayflies so I really like throwing a jig because that imitates both a bluegill and a crawfish really well this right here is a football jig I've had a lot of success with out here on the TVA especially Chickamauga this is the the Zeman cross-eyes football jig great jig paired with the uh hello cross trailer and I like to use that on 12 pound test a brazex from seaguar a 7-3 medium heavy all-purpose series rod and a kind of like an 8.1 to 1 gear ratio vld-10 though that's kind of the setup that I like to use for the bluff walls but really it's all about you know fishing slow when you start getting into those areas work that jig all the way down that drop and and there will be key little stretches where the bite is the hottest so just pay attention to where you get those bites and make multiple casts to those areas but overall it is just really hard to beat that red hot bite that you get with the mayfly hatch hey guys miles just sharing some juice on the Mayflower hatch I know I have a lake nearby that man the mayflies will

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