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What is the best bait for perch?

Based on the video context, it seems like the most effective bait for catching perch would be a gold robot spoon or a hair jig. The gold robot spoon is mentioned in the "How to Find and Catch Late Ice Jumbo Perch" video, where the angler recommends using it with maggots as bait. The hair jig is mentioned in the "9 Lures for Tough Winter Bass Fishing" video, where the angler suggests using it to drop down through a school of perch.

Perch are known to feed on smaller baitfish like minnows and perch themselves, so using baits that mimic their natural prey can be effective. The gold robot spoon and hair jig both have a slender profile that resembles small baitfish, making them attractive to perch.

It's important to note that the effectiveness of a bait can vary depending on factors such as water clarity, weather conditions, and the preferences of the fish. It's always a good idea to experiment with different baits and techniques to see what works best in your specific fishing situation.

If you have any more specific questions about perch fishing or need further clarification, please let me know!

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The Best Baits For Summer Pond Fishing! ( And Bank Fishing ) by TacticalBassin hundreds of boats on it per week you can sneak in quietly you can sneak out quietly you can make little casts that's really hard to do it maybe if you're in a boat or a kayak or something like that from the shore you can make little pitches around the shade lines around the grass lines and work those baits and present um a different angle and a different way than someone that's out on the water casting to Shoreline can do but that little guy right there a popper top water is my favorite way to catch them in the summer just having those visual bites those visual explosions are they're they're they're great that's that's my favorite thing growing up was Pawn fishing and getting those big top water blow-ups okay now for the most part these ponds especially in the summer are going to have a lot of grass so I added two popping frogs in there for you that's a little spro popping frog and a lot little Jackal gavacho you can see the the face on there again you're gonna throw straight braid on these the benefit of throwing the straight braid when you hook those fish and they get down in that stuff down that muck that grass whatever it may be with that straight braid you can get those fish out and you don't have to worry about bending the hooks out like you would on the popper
The 3 Best Fall Bass Fishing Baits You NEED TO THROW! by Nathan Quince Fishing that has the most natural look in a clear water scenario and then if you're fishing stained water on the opposite end of the spectrum that's when i'll go to a bone colored jerkbait that's what will perform the best in that color of water just that solid white color or any other opaque color puts off the best flash in that dirtier water and that'll give you the best chance of catching a fish on a jerkbait in dirty water if you have perch in your lake the one color that i really really like to throw is actually the rapala shadow wrap deep in this metallic perch color here this color right here is the best perch mimicking color i have found on the market megabass makes some good ones as well but for some reason that little bit of shine and the natural colors in the lines on this bait just perform really really well when you're fishing around fish that are eating perch and lastly if you have smallmouth in your lake you want to have some form of chartreuse in your jerkbait whether it's like a chartreuse line like that or the belly of the beta chartreuse like this one here that little bit of yellow pop it works in dirty water as well but especially around smallmouth bass the chartreuse really gets them fired up and you'll catch a lot more fish if you just have a touch of chartreuse in your
How to Find and Catch Late Ice Jumbo Perch by Wired2Fish I narrowed it down to two I like them all but these are my two favorite colors on this body of water here I like the Wonder Bread but I like gold the sun's kind of coming out here and there if it goes cloudy I'm going to definitely go with the Wonder Bread and then for now I'm gonna put gold on a gold robot spoon lace it up with some maggots here maggots are an aggressive jig hard don't worry about them falling off kind of bait minnow heads work but I think this is all we need and don't be shy with them you get a lot in a container so make a little chandelier of maggots and that's a morsel slender profile of the Bro bug spoon with the little eyes that is a perch magnet all right look at this there's some fish right over here these little white dashes are fish and right next to me here you can see there's there's a shadow well that's a deadhead sticking out of the bottom and they seem to be uh really close by but there's there's fish moving through I can scroll over here and see how far away but you can see there's a all these Shadows these are perch those are a little bit big those look like they could be bass or something else this is what I'm interested in right here the small Shadows
Fall TECHNIQUES and BAITS for the Great Lakes | Where and When To Throw BLADE BAITS by Serious Angler Network because i want to see if fish are covering water well see if i can get bit by covering water if i'm going to do that chances are i'm going to throw it all day if i don't have an a-rig in my boat the next couple things i'm going to do is crankbait or jerkbait this is a megabass vision 80110 plus one junior you'll notice that this color is perch gg perch part of me reason why i like perch is usually the year the young perch are starting to get a little bit bigger in the fall and you'll start catching perch on pardon me you'll start catching small mouths that will spin up perch because they're getting to that size that they want to feed on them at and this is a great mimicker at like three and a half to four inches just smaller perch they come up and they're doing the same thing they're feeding on minnows so this is a great fall color gg perch oh this one's not ob i apologize for my scatter brain it happens i think i have really bad adhd i haven't been diagnosed with it so if i start rambling that is why i turn 19 different directions on any given day so i completely apologize so now we're leaving the flats after the ned rig which translates to deep fish so let's move into the deeper fish so there's two distinct things that happen
Top 3 BAITS For MAY Bass Fishing! by Nathan Quince Fishing blue that's one of my favorite ones to go with i love a black and blue chatterbait with my second choice being a green pumpkin and it doesn't have to be just a straight green pumpkin i do have a straight green pumpkin and will fish just a plain green pumpkin that's probably one of my favorites but you can also do stuff like green pumpkin red if the water's a little bit dirty you can do this green pumpkin chartreuse if you know there's perch in the area this is an awesome one just that little bit of yellow in there can get you some bites with a lot of perch eating fish those are my go-to colors and then if you have some dirtier water or you know your fish feed on shad my other two favorites are going to be a solid white and a white and chartreuse the white and chartreuse i will only go to if that water is really stained and the fish are feeding a hundred percent on shad other than that if i just have some stained water and want to throw something a little bit brighter or i know they're feeding on shad i'll go with the plain white that one works a lot better for me has the silver blade it really mimics those shad but 95 of the time i will be throwing black and blue or green pumpkin or i will have both on those imitate bluegills better
9 Lures for Tough Winter Bass Fishing | Bass Fishing by Bass Fishing Tips & Techniques by BassResource mimicking, in this case, either a goby or say a sculpin and they stay on the bottom. Sculpins don't have air bladders, so they don't lift up off the bottom. So, keep that on the bottom, they'll look natural. Or you can use a hair jig. If you find those baitfish and you can see where they intersect with the structure. Say baitfish are holding 20 feet of water, you can find a nice tapering point and that's where they're at. Bass will sit up underneath them and wait for those dying and dead baitfish falling through and they'll engulf them. So, take your hair jig and drop it down through that school and sometimes you can catch a lot of fish. Works really well with balls of perch. Happens in the wintertime. They really bunch up in tight schools and you can just drop it down through that school of perch if you do it fast enough. I use a little bit heavier jig because the perch like to eat these things too. Punch it down through that school and when you reach those bass, it won't reach the bottom. So, a hair jig can be really good. The next type of baits I like to use are finesse baits. Primarily, drop shot and split shot rigs. I'm using four-inch hand-poured finesse worms, that can be deadly during the wintertime. They don't have a lot of movement, they're very subtle. You can move them real slowly, crawl them on the bottom with a split shot or just barely

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