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About Bull Shad Swimbaits: Ever since I can remember I have always been making a lot of my own fishing lures. I had alot of ideas floating around in my head that weren't available on the market and currently I have several baits available on the national market which I either designed, co designed or just had a hand in it.. Some of my ideas either weren't feasible to mass produce commercially or I just wanted to make a special bait for a specific situation for my own personal use. When I got into swimbait fishing hard and heavy in 2001, I saw how effective the big baits where here in the South. That is what got my wheels starting to turn when I noticed I couldn't find a GOOD gizzard Shad/Threadfin style swimbait that our Trophy Spots and Largemouth are keying in on here in the Southeast. Like out West, trout are the biggest forage for Trophy Fish to feed on. However here in the South BIG Gizzard shad is King and is a major forage for our MAGNUM sized Spotted Bass and Largemouth alike. Hence, I came up with the terminology "Trout of the South". I started tinkering with swimbait designs and resins in late 2003/early 2004 to get myself familiar with what works and what doesn't. There were many different prototypes that were done before arriving at the final Bull Shad. In late 2006, the most notorious prototype was the "Hampton Shad" co designed by myself and Anthony Hampton. While the Hampton Shad prototype was a awesome fish catcher I personally felt like it could be improved upon even more in the form of better joint design, more realistic profile, bait detail as well as better quality resins. The name Bull Shad was derived from the nickname of a gizzard shad which is also known as Bull Nose Shad due to their notorious blunt nose. Now here in 2011 we offer the even more improved Generation 2 line of swimbaits and will be offering floaters and other different sink rates.

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