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What is the best lure for pike during late autumn?

In late autumn, when targeting pike, one of the most effective lures is a crankbait. A crankbait is a diving bait that can help you cover a lot of water and locate the fish. It has a bill that determines its diving depth, allowing you to target specific areas where the pike may be holding.

Based on the video context, the angler mentions using a Rapala DT series crankbait, particularly the DT6, DT10, and DT14 models. These crankbaits are designed to hit key depth zones, making them ideal for late fall fishing. The angler also mentions the importance of mimicking the prevalent forage during this time of year, such as shad, herring, or crawfish. So, it's important to choose a crankbait color that matches the hatch and imitates the natural prey of the pike.

When selecting a crankbait for late autumn pike fishing, consider the diving depth of the lure. You want to choose a bait that runs as deep or deeper than the bottom depth you're fishing. This will ensure that the crankbait makes contact with the bottom, where the pike are often found during this time of year.

To summarize, a crankbait, such as the Rapala DT series, is a highly effective lure for catching pike in late autumn. Choose a diving depth that matches the bottom depth you're fishing and select a color that imitates the prevalent forage. Remember to cover a lot of water and experiment with different retrieves to entice the pike to strike.

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How to Live Bait Rig Late Fall Pike and Musky by Wired2Fish and then I'll just speed real just to tighten on the system and I'm just trying to get that one of those hooks to catch on the skin of the the muskies mouth and then once once that rod starts to load that's well I'll dig in a little bit and drive that fine hook point home Kyle what's happening to me I went down my father is gone Gillman just in that I'm gonna go for look at me yeah big jack big jack that's one beautiful fish look at that guy wow wow this is a really pretty fish good grief they don't make them what courier than that that girl thank you miss pike
Catch More Fall Pike and Musky | Lures and Live Bait Tactics by Wired2Fish oh my gosh oh no what was that i just got cracked keys is dumping us in might be our last time out of the year i don't know it's early november and you just kind of got to take advantage of these really nice days in early fall and so today we are out chasing muskies and pike i guess i'll face this way so i'm not so backlit but got a bunch of big sticks on the deck we even busted out some of this there's a few live minners nothing real big but i we have a little different approach this year eight because everybody's out of big suckers and this is all that's available but we were all talking about it and we think that with the power of live scope we'll be able to kind of sharp shoot these fish kind of have some ideas how we'll present the bait to them but the way a big bait is it's just it's very loud it has a big presence in the water and that's why i think it's so appealing to fish is because it gets so much attention and those fish will exert that energy to come up for a big meal well our thinking is if we put a small bite-sized meal right on their nose that you know there's some there's some appeal to that as well where they have to exert very little to no energy because
Top 3 Baits for Late Fall Fishing! by Mike Iaconelli Fishing than the bottom depth you're fishing probably my number one bait in the late fall is the rapala dt series in particular the dt6 the 10 and the 14 really hit those key depth zones for that late fall transition uh especially the ten i'm fishing secondary points i'm trying to bump isolated cover and i'm trying to find where the fish are stopping in the late fall number two and you know this really becomes a key player in the late fall is a jig and you know in the fall feed they're so focused in on bait fish right eating forage long shad minnows you know that longer forage but in the late fall their feeding habits start to change a little bit and a jig a skirted jig becomes a key lure for me in the late fall because it does a great job of imitating crawfish and their diet does start to shift in the late fall you know there's a lot of great jigs out there and depending on the cover i'll pick some different head styles but my number one jig in the late fall period is a football style jig this is a jig by missile jigs called a headbanger if you look at it it's got very broad beveled shoulders to the head and that helps keep this lure out of the snags it's great in wood it's great in brush but when you're fishing harder bottom and in the late fall
Top 3 Baits for Late Fall Fishing! by Mike Iaconelli Fishing is a crankbait a diving bait and you know this bait is so key in the late fall because you've got a search for these fish right in the late fall they're moving they're constantly moving and as they move they stop they stop on these little specific spots but to find those key areas even with the best electronics in the world sometimes can be hard so you want a lure that could help you find those areas and find the fish and a crankbait is that kind of lore you know when you look at it it's got a bill it dives to a determined depth based on the size of that bill and you can constantly reel it and bump the bottom and that's why a crankbait for me is my number one choice in the late fall um color wise i'm always trying to pick something that's mimicking the prevalent forage that time of the year so is it shad is it herring go with your whites and your pearls is it bluegill or perch add something with some chartreuse or or green in it finally is a crawfish you know go with your darker colors and your browns but i want to match the hatch with my color and i mentioned it before but diving depth is real important and in the late fall i want to contact the bottom so pick a bait that runs as deep or deeper

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