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When it comes to quality and innovation Black Dog Baits leads the way in today’s Swimbait market. Jeremy Anderson, the owner of Black Dog Baits Company, first introduced the Shellcracker, and Black Dog was off and running with their first product. The “Buzz” on the popular forum was incredible as the stories of top water frenzied bass exploding on this bait had everyone looking for one of their own. Anderson wasn’t stopping with the Shellcracker, being one of the most exciting young lure designers, carved his first Lunker Punker prototypes. When Black Dog Bait Company released the Lunker Punker, they created another explosion in the Swimbait industry, which brought anglers from all over trying to get their hands on this never-before seen lure. The punker quickly became a huge hit for any predatory fish, especially bass and stripers. The popularity of this bait spawned the need for a Punker Jr, which continues to prove effective when the big bait isn’t warranted. Since that time, Black Dog Bait Company has released the Lunker Punker with a second generation injected plastic version, the Fakefish soft jerk bait, and the weedslinger paddletail Swimbait. Black Dog Bait Company was also awarded four United States Design Patents and one copyright on their innovative and unique designs. Black Dog Bait Company is committed to bringing more innovative bass catching baits to the National market. Thanks to the many editorials in major national fishing magazines our baits have become a hit all over the country. Get ready for more releases in the future and get ready to get bit by the Black Dog.
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