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Engineered to Swim Often overlooked, we feel that the action of a bait is arguably its most important attribute. We spend the time to develop baits that will produce an easy natural swim and will respond favorably to the feedback of the fisherman. We expect a smile when you realize how well our lures move in the water! About Baldy Baits I have been fascinated by the thrill of catching fish ever since my dad gave me a hand painted Dardevle lure forty years ago! I specifically enjoyed using lures. In fact, I was fascinated by all things "fish,” to the point of earning a degree in Marine Biology. Fast forward and today we are still sharing fish stories and throwing lures, but of our own designs. Baldy Baits originated from the desire to try out new ideas and designs based on years of multi-generational experience. We have been rewarded with some of our best fishing trips by casting our custom made lures.
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