SquareGil 4" crankbait

Most crank baits have a traditional baitfish profile that does a better job mimicking a shad than a bluegill. Bluegill are found in the majority of lakes containing largemouth bass, however many lakes in parts of the USA do not have shad in them. In these lakes Bluegill can be the primary forage species for largemouth bass. The SquareGil crank bait has a bluegill profile and is larger than a standard square bill crankbait to entice strikes from larger bass. The standard version dives to about 3 feet deep. It can also be fished on the surface by raising the rod tip and slowing the retrieve. This creates a big wake on the surface to draw explosive topwater strikes. With multiple color patterns, it is sure to become a favorite tool in your tackle arsenal. Wood body * Polycarbonate lip * Epoxy finish Length: 4 inches. Weight: 1.75 oz. approximate. Size 2 treble hooks attached with 30lb split rings Each lure is hand made by the owner Gerald Layman and individually tuned and tested to ensure proper performance. I also know things happen from time to time that we can't control. If you ever have an issue with any lure I made, big or small, please contact me and I will get it taken care of quickly. I am always here to support those whose have supported me as I pursue the dream!
Flash tail
Color Options
Pink Gill
Sunny Gill
Char Gill
Midnight Gill
Sexy Gill

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Item NameSquareGil 4" crankbait
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AddedAugust 23, 2023
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