Cassanova Jr. glide bait

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The Casanova Jr. is a 7-3/4" two-piece wood glide bait and the "little brother" to our 9" Cassanova glide. Featuring a perch profile, the Casanova is a versatile bait that can be fished a variety of ways. It was designed to be fished slow with a wide "S" motion by using a slow cadence with 1/2 turns of the reel handle. Speed it up for a narrow "S" swimming action to draw reaction strikes. Or you can twitch it and make it swim erratic to entice a bite. Once you find the proper cadence for your rod/reel setup, you can get it to glide out even wider and swim into cover. However you fish it, the Casanova Jr. is certain to become a staple in your big fish arsenal! Wood body * Polycarbonate tail * Epoxy finish Length: 7-3/4 inches. Weight: 4.15 oz. (each bait is weighted individually for proper action) Size 1/0 Mustad TG76NP hooks attached with 65lb split rings Floating and slow sinking versions available Floating version dives a few feet on the retrieve. Each lure is hand made by the owner Gerald Layman and individually tuned and tested to ensure proper performance. I also know things happen from time to time that we can't control. If you ever have an issue with any lure I made, big or small, please contact me and I will get it taken care of quickly. I am always here to support those whose have supported me as I pursue the dream!
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Item NameCassanova Jr. glide bait
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AddedAugust 23, 2023