The Mattlures U2 Gill Series

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The Mattlures U2 gill is the baby brother of the famous Ultimate Bluegill. The U2 gill has been improved in just about every way. The U2 is made with a more durable plastic, it is better balanced, and it’s an overall cleaner bait. The paint jobs are some of the best ever seen on a soft plastic swimbait. They come in three different versions. A slow sink swimming bait with a finned boot tail that is perfect for swimming over the tops of weeds and past ambush point where big bass are waiting to eat a little sunfish. The boot tail can also be fished just under the surface creating a wake that imitates a fleeing bluegill. The sinking flat tail is arguably the best bed bait for big female bed fish ever made. It sits nose down with its tail up off the ground simulating a bluegill that’s feeding on bass eggs. If the bass knocks the bait over it will sit back up on its own without the fisherman having to move it. Just bounce this little gill in the bed and see the most furious strikes you have ever seen. The sinking flat tail also makes a great jig. Because it sits up right, you can hop it, jig it, and drag 51.99it and it will stay in the upright position the whole time. The flat tail also comes in a floating bottom hook version that is meant to be used as a dead stick bait. Cast it out and just let it move with the water. Throw in an occasional twitch and stay ready. This technique has produced some of my biggest bass. These little U2 gills come in many different colors to match just about any bluegill, sunfish, bream, or crappie that the bass in your waters are eating. The U2 gill is 4 inches long and weighs 1 oz. Both the sinking models will sit upright on their own. They are made with Mustad Ultra point hooks and have an eyelet on the bottom of the bait for an optional stinger hook. Mattlures Ultimate Gill comes in floating flat tail, sinking flat tail, and a boot tail. Colors: White Male Bluegill, Male Bluegill, Female Bluegill, Redear Sunfish, Green Sunfish, Pumpkinseed, Tilapia and Crappie. 4" Length, Weight - 1 oz.
Color Options
White Male Bluegill Sinking Flat Tail
White Male Bluegill Floating Flat Tail
White Male Bluegill Boot Tail
Male Bluegill Sinking Flat Tail
Male Bluegill Floating Flat Tail
Male Bluegill Boot Tail
Female Bluegill Sinking Flat Tail
Female Bluegill Floating Flat Tail
Female Bluegill Boot Tail
Redear Sinking Flat Tail
Redear Floating Flat Tail
Redear Boot Tail
Green Sunfish Sinking Flat Tail
Green Sunfish Floating Flat Tail
Green Sunfish Boot Tail
Pumpkinseed Sinking Flat Tail
Pumpkinseed Floating Flat Tail
Pumpkinseed Boot Tail
Tilapia Sinking Flat Tail
Tilapia Floating Flat Tail
Tilapia Boot Tail
Crappie Sinking Flat Tail
Crappie Floating Flat Tail
Crappie Boot Tail

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