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Best way to catch carp?

Based on the video context, I can provide some general tips for catching carp, although my expertise is primarily in bass fishing. Carp fishing often requires different techniques and equipment compared to bass fishing. However, I can offer some suggestions that may help you in your carp fishing endeavors.

First, it's important to note that carp are bottom feeders, so fishing close to the bottom is usually effective. One common method for carp fishing is using a technique called "bottom fishing." This involves using a heavy weight or sinker to keep your bait on the bottom of the water. Carp are known to feed on a variety of baits, including corn, bread, boilies, and worms. You can try using these baits on a hook and casting them out near areas where carp are known to frequent, such as near vegetation or structures in the water.

Another technique that can be effective for carp fishing is "chumming." Chumming involves throwing small amounts of bait into the water to attract the carp to your fishing area. This can be done with corn, bread crumbs, or specialized carp bait. Once you have attracted the carp to your area, you can then present your baited hook to them.

It's important to use appropriate tackle when targeting carp, as they can be strong and put up a good fight. A medium to heavy fishing rod and reel setup with strong line is recommended. Carp can be quite large, so it's important to have the right equipment to handle them.

Lastly, it's always a good idea to do some research on specific carp fishing techniques and strategies. There are many resources available, such as books, articles, and online forums, where you can learn more about carp fishing and get tips from experienced anglers.

Please note that my expertise is primarily in bass fishing, so I recommend consulting with experienced carp anglers or doing further research for more specific and detailed information on carp fishing techniques.

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Catch 50+ Bass A Day With This Old School Spring Technique by Intuitive Angling With Randy Blaukat type of heavy overcast you know cloudy skies or heavy partly cloudy skies warm conditions all the stuff that normally makes fish active that's when they're gonna bite this and i use both of these hand in hand and here's one of the most important tips i can give you on these two things if the water is slick or you don't have any breeze whatsoever if it's glass smooth go with the repalamina the repalamino will get you more bites it's completely quiet it's more buoyant it's a little bit more subtle if you have a little bit of chop on the water just a little ripple go with the rope because the rogue has a little bit of a rattle in it it's a little bit larger bait attracts the fish from a little bit further if if the surface of the water is disturbed i have them both rigged all the time but guys i love this technique it's it's basically like top water fishing i mean you can catch them once in a while twitching them under the surface but most of the time they hit it on the surface and almost like they would you know a bangalore or a prop bait or something like that but here's what's really odd about this is i can't catch fish on this thing any other time than in the springtime of the year when you have conditions like that
I Broke The Law To Master THIS Fishing Technique… by Intuitive Angling With Randy Blaukat catch fish on it the only thing you need is shade a lot of these farm pound bass if the water's a little bit cleaner they will get right up on the bank in the summertime to feed on bluegills and you can skip or cast a frog underneath any overhanging trees and you can always catch some good ones like that and then if you're fishing the farm pond in the cooler weather months like when the water temperatures below you know 55 degrees the two lures that work best for me um are rattle traps or liftless crank bait vibra you know rattle trap type bait or jerk bait depending upon you know the depth of the water a lipless crankbait is deadly in a farm pond it absolutely is deadly unless the water is really dirty so give give that a try with that but the main thing guys is pretty simple it's all about covering water try to parallel the banks try to hit any visible targets um if you don't have a boat get out there and wade you know if you wait and get out of the bank a little bit it definitely makes a lot better a lot of the farm ponds that i used to fish they were more like farm ponds for cattle to drink out of so they were mud line banks there wasn't any rock on them a lot of them didn't have any overhanging trees they were dirty
Dave Lefebre explains finesse tactics in current by Bassmaster setting up at a 45 degree angle at my target and making a long cast above the target and trying to get the current to naturally bring that Bay you know without me doing much just try to make the current do all the work and you know for some reason that is the way to that's the way to trigger bites and not just small mouth but walleyes and other fish everything that swims in the river it seems to me that when you get that bait going you know perpendicular to the current and let it go down through there and use the use the current to your advantage and don't overwork the bait I get a lot more bikes last thing is making sure that you have a bait that's not too heavy something that's not going to dig down in those rocks and get you snagged you want to experiment a lot you've got to experiment to find these little honey holes but once you find one you know you want that perfect weight where you just barely tick one the tops of those rocks as it drifts down but it's a really deadly technique something I would suggest that you definitely try and hopefully it works for you and you catch some fish doing it
The EASIEST Way to Catch Fish!!? by Ladybass um another offshore little spot but i'm sticking you bait on there and we're gonna zoom oh it's a better fish that's a better fish guys it's a better fish it's a better fish a small walk here quickly that's a better fish come over here oh yeah there you go that's a little bit of a better fish guys oh yeah look at that biggest fish so far of the day chilling a little bit deeper it kind of makes sense choked it healthy healthy guy we're gonna get him back here right on i'm gonna quickly retie and get back at it from my experience uh this is the definitely the easiest way to catch just a bunch of fish uh find an offshore either on maps or you know by chance an offshore hump slash ledge with some grass uh usually you'll have oh look at that perch that's a big purge usually you'll have a bunch of different species sitting on there perch for example bass and just tie on a little swimbait and just just chuck and wind pretty much a lot of the times especially when they're grouped up like this they'll just eat it out of just pure competition right so i just chuck and wind cover a lot of water and uh surely you guys will get on some fish so that's my big tip for you guys today just find some offshore structure and chuck and wine
The Best Way To Catch Visible Cruising Bass by Intuitive Angling With Randy Blaukat and i'm throwing this thing out there and as soon as it hits the water what you want to do is you want to jerk it real fast about four or five feet across the surface of the water now what this does it does two different things if the fish is a long way away from the bait it will immediately get their tension and get it over there to them and if you've cast it close to the fish by jerking it real fast across the surface like that sometimes you can trigger a reaction strike do it for like i said two to four feet something like that then after that let the bait sink down probably you know 12 inches maybe two feet and keep an eye out for that fish coming over to it to look at it if you see that fish coming over to it pop your pop your worm where it jerks up like that and let it fall back down a lot of times that will trigger the strike and the third way to do it is simply cast out there where you think the fish is and simply let it go to the bottom once it hits the bottom pump it up hard off the bottom and then reel it straight to the surface and start jerking it across the surface sometimes if they're down low they'll follow that up and they'll hit it up high like that
Dog Days of Summer Fishing | How To | Bass Fishing by Bass Fishing Tips & Techniques by BassResource with worms, with jigs, with soft plastic stick baits. I like to fish soft plastic stick baits myself, they're nice and slow, has enticing fall. The idea here is to get these fish to come out underneath that canopy to attack that lure. And a lot of times, the more active fish are on those edges patrolling around looking for those bait fish. So you can catch a lot of those active fish along there. Crankbaits work really well if you can prevent them from getting snagged in those weeds. Spinnerbaits work really well as well. If probing the edges doesn't work, then, you've got to go and dig them out. And what I do is I'll take a jig or a plastic creature bait, for example, a Rage Tail. A Rage Bug for example works really well. Any kind of a beaver-style bait, small, compact, four or five-inch bait works really well because you want to get through the canopy. So anything that's got a lot of appendages on it or a big, long tail like a sickle tail worm or something can get hung up in those weeds and it won't get through. And you want to put a heavy weight on it, like a half ounce to an ounce and a half weight bullet sinker. And the idea here is you take it and you throw it up in the air and let it come down and it will punch through that canopy to where those fish are waiting. That's the key.

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