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Cedar City, Utah 🇺🇸
Since 1993 Mike Shaw has been handcrafting the MS Slammer plug to imitate the rainbow trout and the kokanee salmon that giant striped bass, brown trout and largemouth bass are known to feed on. Mike has spent countless hours perfecting his techniques for manufacturing the MS Slammer and each batch of plugs incorporates well over 20 years of lure making and design. Each plug is individually waterproofed and hand painted with an ultra realisdesign to withstand thousands of casts and crushing strikes from giant fish. While some lures may look good and not fish well, and other lures may fish well and not look good, the MS Slammer combines sturdy construction with a detailed finish designed to fool the wariest of predators and put them in the boat for you. The MS Slammer comes in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. With a few of these in your tackle box you will have an arsenal of big baits to cover any situation where fish are preying on large forage fish. The original MS Slammer can be waked slowly across the surface or cranked down to 3-4 feet or trolled on any combination of long line, leadcore wire or downrigger. We recommend using 20lb test on the small and 25lb test of the medium and large plugs. The MS Slammer comes with a snap to ensure kicking action sport VMC hooks specifically designed for sure hookups. No trophy fishermans arsenal is complete without several MS Slammers!
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