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Land Lure Company Designed by Peyton Comins in Winchester, Va Since the creation of Land Lures in 2021, the focus has always been on creating the most effective swimbaits possible. However, not just any swimbait makes the cut. While the majority of the swimbait industry is focused on producing lures that are simply more attractive than the one before, we strive bring you something new, something unique, and something the fish have not seen before. Our goal is to bring you practical and effective baits. All Land Lures are 100% designed, created, and produced by Peyton in Winchester, Va. The original Kickback was designed in March of 2022 and then created the following month. When creating the bait, the design was centered around the large eyes and hard tail. The eyes contribute to the lifelike illusion of the lure while the tail displaces water in a way never seen before. The simplicity of the design and the profile of the bait makes it an extremely versatile tool in any environment. In November of 2022, the design of the Kickback was altered to give it a wider kick. The middle section of the bait was reduced to about 60% of its original length. This alteration put less material in between the head and tail section of the bait which allows for a more fluid swim in the water. The first official drop of Kickbacks was February 25, 2023.

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