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3:16 Lure Company Designed by Mickey Ellis in Laguna Hills, CA. The original Mission Fish was released in March of 2000 after two years of careful design and development. The Mission Fish was the first and is still the only truly weedless swimbait. Since its release in 2000, the Mission Fish has accounted for no fewer than 6 bass overy 15lbs, including giants of 19-7# and 21-11#, as well as numerous double digits large mouth bass from the United States and Japan. All of 3:16 baits are 100% original, designed by Mickey to bring paradigm shifts to the swimbait world. And be ready because this is just the beginning of what will become a full line of premium swimbaits, bluegills, shad, frogs and saltwater baits. These are the baits of serious tournament anglers, trophy hunters, and bass fishing professionals. We hope you enjoy them.

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