Blue Back Shad Cloudkicker

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1.15oz Comes with a colorado blade hooks - SIZE 2 SIZE 2,4 RINGS The Cloudkicker is a bait I made back in 2015 for fishing deep water humps at our local lake, where the bass were suspended on the shad schools. There are two line ties the front ones for casting and retrieving, this also tends to search left and right occasionally, the second line tie you can cast like the first one and it gives off more vibration on the retrieve. You can also fish it vertically and rip it up and let it glide down. This bait also comes with a Colorado blade for slower retrieves with more vibration from the blade.

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Tackle MakerCurtek Customs
Item NameBlue Back Shad Cloudkicker
CategorySpinnerbaits - Reel in the big catch with top-quality spinnerbaits.
Item ID001109
AddedAugust 8, 2023