10" Whale Catcher Floater

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This bait is 10" and 5.7oz it has swiveling hook hangers and silicone fins, it can be slow rolled or burned, twitched or even deadsticked. Comes with a set of fins and owner hardware This is a bait I've been messing with for over 8 years off and on. It started as a 13" version that I then shrunk down to the 10" size to match more of the park lake trout stockings. Its been a 3 piece with a hard tail and soft tail, different anal fins and pelvic fins. Finally with many prototypes we have ended up with this version.

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Tackle MakerCurtek Customs
Item Name10" Whale Catcher Floater
CategorySwimbaits - Get realistic swimbaits for better fishing.
Item ID001105
AddedAugust 8, 2023
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