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Unchanged essence. Unwavering performance. 1999. The Sidewinder appeared in an era when light rigs were the mainstream when lighter and more sensitive rods were pursued. While ultra-high elasticity rods are appearing one after another, as if going against the times, the torqueful long rod with super-class power posed the question, "What on earth are you fishing with this rod?" was taken. But our answer was clear. "It's a rod for catching big bass," he said. In the heyday of tournaments, big bass hunting was only a style of some core anglers, but the Sidewinder series, which started with only three models, "Slap Shot", "Super Border", and "Outcross", is such a core angler. It was a rod that was born only for big bass hunters. That specialized spec was the only one that could handle strong styles such as slow rolling heavy spinnerbait, rubber jig swimming, and big bait, which are now standard. For over a dozen years since then, although there have been minor cosmetic changes, the basic performance has not changed at all, and that is why the rod has been loved. In 2011, without modifying the long-loved blank, the New Sidewinder was brushed up with sharpness and high rigidity that you can tell just by holding it in your hand. firmly inherited. BAIT CASTING model Gungnir HGC-962HR/GP Bore Constrictor HGC-77XS/GP Slapshot HGC-76XX/GP Solenoglyph HGC-76XRF[T]/GP Super Border HGC-70XF/GP Bullet Shot HGC-70HF/GP Bush Viper HGC-70XS/GP Burdick HGC-610MLXF/GP Outcross HGC-67XR/GP Speckle Racer HGC-65HF/GP Hazard Master HGC-65HR/GP Constrictor HGC-64XS/GP GLASS COMPOSITE model series. Ferderans TGC-70HR/GP PARTS & DETAILS ■ Machine cut aluminum ring A machine-cut aluminum ring placed at the junction of the carbon pipe inside the grip and the blank. It increases the rigidity of the joint part and demonstrates a strong fixing force when inserting the blank. A symbolic part of the Great Performer, with a red color that expresses “pedigree” and two lines that represent the second generation. ■ POM front grip Hood grip using POM (polyoxymethylene) resin, known as Duracon resin or engineering plastic, which has excellent wear resistance, high strength, fatigue resistance, rigidity, and processing accuracy. It contributes to ensuring strong reel mounting and sensitivity by hard touch. ■ Guide setting In order to maximize the performance of the blank, the guide setting that makes the line follow the bent curve more tightly contributes to sharpness and weight reduction that you can not think of the same blank. With the adoption of the "T-LNSG" guide, which is lighter than the previous "T-NSG" made by fuji, the number of guides, guide positions, and guide diameters have been determined more precisely. And it realizes a highly sensitive feeling. ■ Haika cork grip end The grip end, which uses high-strength Haika cork, reduces slippage and slippage, and also has a balancer effect due to its moderate weight. The more you use it, the more it will give off a dull black luster. ■ Shaped EVA grip The EVA grip has a shape that is easy to grip and does not cause fatigue even when used for a long time. ■ Dedicated setting / foregrip The front grip of the Boa Constrictor HGC-77XS/GP and Constrictor HGC-64XS/GP is equipped with EVA support, and special settings reduce the burden on the fingertips during hard jerk and continuous twitch action frequently used in moving lures. applied. BAIT CASTING model HGC-962HR/GP GUNGNIR BAIT CASTING model Length: 9'6” 2piece (closed dimension: 1490mm) Lure Weight: 3/8-5oz Line: 14-25lb Braided Line: 50-100lb Action: Heavy Regular Taper Grip Length: 550mm (Grip not detachable) Own weight: about 235g Price: ¥60,500 (¥55,000 excluding tax) JAN code: 4544565173138 2018.7 release. A super long 9ft 6inch super long rod that has never been seen in the bass fishing world, developed for punching and flipping. Although it is difficult to handle due to its long length, there are many benefits, and the approach from a position close to the top with an angle enables the action of manipulating the lure vertically, which drastically reduces the stack and allows it to pass through the cover. It makes it possible to drag out the confronting bus from above. When the cover on the water surface is used as the fulcrum, the angle of incidence increases, which greatly reduces the burden on the line, and the sensitivity transmitted to the hand is not blocked, and the power loss of hooking is suppressed, making it possible to handle more directly. In addition, the long length of 9ft 6inch extends the distance to the point, it does not give unnecessary pressure, and it enables you to capture the point that you could not attack until now. The effectiveness of this ultra-long length is that you can control the range of cranks and minnows by submerging the tip in the water from an upward stance, and the left and right swing width makes it easy to line mend and control the trace line. Long casts that make use of the length and exchanges through bushes and covers give Okappari a great advantage. HGC-77XS/GP Boa Constrictor BOACONSTRICTOR BAIT CASTING model Length: 7'7” 1piece Lure Weight: 3/8-2oz Line: 12-30lb Action: X-Heavy Slow Taper Grip Length: 440mm (Grip removable) Own weight: about 185g Price: ¥58,300 (¥53,000 excluding tax) JAN code: 4544565173091 2012.9 release. A slow taper long rod made of medium-elasticity 24t & ultra-high-elasticity 40t graphite that has the stickiness to hold the bite firmly from the tip to the belly, while ensuring that it is hung with the bat. The tip response that follows the movement of the bass even after hooking not only brings the best feeling to swimbaits that are easy to play and break apart, but also the super high-speed pulling of spinnerbaits that induces reaction bites and deep cranking. But reduce the miss byte and bring it to the part-time job. A power moving rod that supports search baits such as vibrations from the shore and buzzbait long throws at a high level. *Specification change to Torzite ring from shipment in June 2022 HGC-76XX/GP SLAPSHOT BAIT CASTING model Length: 7'6” 1 piece Lure weight: 1/2 to 1.1/2oz Line: 14-30lb Action: XX-Heavy Regular Fast Taper Grip Length: 412mm (Grip removable) Own weight: about 194g Price: ¥58,300 (¥53,000 excluding tax) JAN code: 4544565173046 2011.11 release. Torque full regular taper, which has been brushed up to further high rigidity and high sensitivity, reduces trailer deviation with a relaxed long cast and outstanding hooking performance even in recent swim jig styles with bulky trailers. I can feel it. The Ex. Heavy Power Blank, which has outstanding sensitivity to clearly feel the slight tight vibration of the blade in deep slow rolling, is a heavy versatile heavy cover flipping, heavy Carolina rig, and big bait. HGC-76XRF[T]/GP Solenoglyph BAIT CASTING model Length: 7'6” 1piece (Telescopic) Lure weight: 1/2 to 1 3/4 oz Line: 12-20lb Action: X-Heavy Regular Fast Taper Grip Length: 417mm (Grip not detachable) Own weight: about 191g Price: ¥62,700 (¥57,000 excluding tax) JAN code: 4544565173053 2012.2 release. End of production April 1, 2022 The blank developed exclusively for the three-pronged heavy Carolina rig established in Lake Biwa pursues not only the sharp sensitivity in the tip section, but also the power to operate the heavy weight sinker and the delicacy to loosen the weed without cutting it. In addition, it is completed as a regular first taper with a powerful bat that reliably determines hooking at long distances and floats even 10 pounders at once. Although it is a dedicated model that specializes in three-pronged caro, it shows a wide range of responsiveness that can be used for spinnerbaits, rubber jigs, Texas rigs, and medium and small swimbaits. A unique spiral setting with a total of 12 guides and "T-KTSG" ultra-small diameter guides for #2 to #7 guides has amazing long cast performance and sharp operation that is advantageous for shore fishing. Special specifications for obtaining Sidewinder's first telescopic model that brings a high advantage to wading games. Dedicated aluminum parts to prevent rattling when stored. * If the grip contains water and is stored for a long time, the coating may absorb water, causing a "blister phenomenon". If the inside of the grip is to be stored for a long time in a wet state, store it in an extended state. HGC-70XF/GP SUPERBORDER BAIT CASTING model Length: 7'0" 1 piece Lure weight: 1/2 to 1oz Line: 12-25lb Action: X-Heavy Fast Taper Grip Length: 390mm (Grip removable) Own weight: about 184g Price: ¥58,300 (¥53,000 excluding tax) JAN code: 4544565173039 2012.11 release. A power jig rod that has improved operability by reducing the feeling of weight while maintaining the sharp first taper brought about by the stiff and sharp blank characteristics. A reaction jig that swings the rod vertically, a high response that can control the delicate action of deep rubber jigging with more accurate rod work, a swim jig that swings the rod sideways, and a slight contact to the weed and bottom in the slow roll. It senses and boasts excellent range control. Set the grip length considering the operability unique to the "hanging" rod and the rough fight with the monster class. HGC-70HF/GP BULLETSHOT BAIT CASTING model Length: 7'0” 1 piece Lure Weight: 3/16 to 3/4oz Line: 8-20lb Action: Heavy Fast Taper Grip Length: 415mm (Grip removable) Own weight: about 178g Price: ¥58,300 (¥53,000 excluding tax) JAN code: 4544565173145 2022.6 release. The fast taper, which has both sharp tip response and metallic butt power, is a specialty model that can master high-level Texas rigs. Boasting excellent hooking performance, the 7ft length boasts excellent hooking performance that allows you to clearly feel bottom material and weeds. Achieve a balanced feel. It enables technical worming where the hook pierces the jaw of the bass in an instant the moment it senses even a faint bite that just touches it. GP's red symbol parts are foregrip-less specifications, and a torzite ring is adopted. HGC-70XS/GP Bush Viper BUSHVIPER BAIT CASTING model Length: 7'0” 1 piece Lure Weight: 1/4-2oz Line: 16-25lb Braided Line: 50-100lb Action: X-Heavy Slow Taper Grip Length: 387mm (Grip removable) Own weight: about 188g Price: ¥58,300 (¥53,000 excluding tax) JAN code: 4544565173022 2011.12 release. The EX. Heavy Slow Taper, which exerts more power as it bends, is mainly used for shallow cover flipping and frog games, and also supports swim jigs and spinnerbaits up to a depth of 1 m. It shows an outstanding finish that performs at a high level from close quarters attacking cover to moving bait. The spiral setting that combines "T-KWSG" with #2 to #6 guides not only prevents troubles on the braided line, but also eliminates the power loss due to twisting, which brings out the strong torque inherent in the blank. pull out fully. A unique slow taper that boasts delicate and light operability such as twitch opens a new frontier for power fishing. HGC-610MLXF/GP BARDICK BAIT CASTING model Length: 6'10" 1 piece Lure Weight: 1/16-7/8oz Line: 8-16lb Action: Medium Light Ex. Fast Taper Grip Length: 341mm (Grip removable) Own weight: about 159g Price: ¥53,900 (¥49,000 without tax) JAN code: 4544565173121 2016.8 release. In order to handle lightweight lures, it is a lightweight versatile model that has been thoroughly brushed up assuming all kinds of fishing scenes such as okappari and boats. The guide setting and taper design maximize accuracy and operability, allowing you to draw a flexible arc and cast a lightweight lure as you wish. Moreover, in order to secure the torque to float the big bass during the fight, it was put together with a length of 6ft10in, which is longer in the same class. The Sidewinder is lined up as a bait model that specializes in lightweight lures so that even small and thin hooks of lightweight lures can reliably catch big bass. In addition to the top guide, a torzite ring is used to reduce weight and make it easier to swing. HGC-67XR/GP Outcross OUTCROSS BAIT CASTING model Length: 6'7” 1piece Lure Weight: 3/8-1oz Line: 10-20lb Action: X-Heavy Regular Taper Grip Length: 378mm (Grip removable) Own weight: about 165g Price: ¥53,900 (¥49,000 without tax) JAN code: 4544565173015 2011.12 release. Ex. heavy regular taper that combines the power to drag the bass out of the cover and the good controllability makes the structure tight with spinnerbaits and buzzbaits in Leeds and shallow covers that require accuracy, and long distance pitching. Active as a rubber jig that shoots through and a Texas rig rod. He brings a feeling that matches the shallow to 3.5m range spinnerbait with the B custom 1/2oz to 5/8oz, and the manmade attack with the sliding jig and headlock jig 1/2 to 1oz. He also handles Mad Weber, Buzz Jet, and Spiral Minnow through heavy cover edges at a high level. HGC-65HF/GP speckle racer SPECKLERACER BAIT CASTING model Length: 6'5” 1piece Lure Weight: 3/16 to 3/4oz Line: 8-20lb Action: Heavy Fast Taper Grip Length: 365mm (Grip not removable) Own weight: about 158g Price: ¥53,900 (¥49,000 without tax) JAN code: 4544565173077 2012.6 release. Versatile rod for immediate hook mode that achieves aggressive attacks at high speed due to excellent tip response and good handling. With a powered balance that has a longer grip length than the Hazard Master, its uses include football jigs, tube jig heads, spinnerbaits, swimming jigs, and light texas. show. A fast taper that cuts the weed sharply and hangs the bass, an ultra-sensitive technical model. HGC-65HR/GP HAZARDMASTER BAIT CASTING model Length: 6'5” 1piece Lure weight: 3/16 to 5/8oz Line: 8-16lb Action: Heavy Regular Taper Grip Length: 350mm (Grip not removable) Own weight: about 159g Price: ¥53,900 (¥49,000 without tax) JAN code: 4544565173060 2012.6 release. Jerk bait, jig head swimming, no sinker stick bait with a more delicate action, and the blank characteristics that clearly distinguish between obstacles and bites, and middleweight moving lures such as shallow cranks and jig spinners. It boasts excellent lure control performance and hooking performance by attacking obstacles tightly and firmly catching bass with smooth tips and berries. A regular taper that allows the weed to pass through, a versatile model that emphasizes glue. HGC-64XS/GP Constrictor CONSTRICTOR BAIT CASTING model Length: 6'4" 1piece Lure weight: 1/4 to 1oz Line: 8-20lb Action: X-Heavy Slow Taper Grip Length: 333mm (Grip not removable) Own weight: about 149g Price: ¥52,800 (¥48,000 without tax) JAN code: 4544565173084 2012.8 release. End of production April 1, 2022 While it is a highly elastic blank that has been refined to a slow taper while retaining the power of the outcross, the gentle smooth taper from the tip to the belly brings a mid-elastic feel that draws you in. Due to its "constrictor" character that wraps around its prey and strangles it, it demonstrates its aptitude to hang without flipping in moving lures that emphasize glue, such as large jerk baits and pencil baits. A reel seat and fore grip that bring a soft touch during continuous jerk and reduce the burden on the angler, and a semi-short grip suitable for twitching and jerk are adopted. GLASS COMPOSITE model series. TGC-70HR/GP FERDELANCE BAIT CASTING model Length: 7'0” 1 piece Lure weight: 3/8 to 2 1/2oz Line: 10-30lb Action: Heavy Regular Taper Grip Length: 388mm (Grip not removable) Weight: about 150g Price: ¥57,200 (¥52,000 excluding tax) JAN code: 4544565173107 2013.10 release. With a length of 7 feet to decide casting to severe spots, to reduce excess stacks and cut weeds easily, and to hook up reliably to the upper jaw of big bass even through cover, it is in the glass rod. The blanks, which are designed to be stiff, have been thoroughly pursued for the purpose of manipulating fast moving lures such as crankbaits and vibrations more aggressively and efficiently. The spiral setting, which combines the T-MNST ocean top guide and #2 to #6 guides with "T-KWSG", eliminates the power loss of the glass rod, which is easily twisted, and brings out the full strength of the blank's inherent torque. purposeful setting. An aggressive glass rod that makes full use of the torqueful bending that makes the bass float without shaking its head after hanging, which is unique to the glass rod.
GLASS COMPOSITE model series.

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