Rumble Rat (Fur)

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The Rumble Rat is a big bait that is ready to battle. This Rat wakes and Has a shallow crankdown. Body length is 6.5" with a total length of 12+" with tail. Has a weight of 5oz. This Rat comes with Owner size 2/0 ST-36 hooks and HD Worth stainless splitrings. Pair of custom Stray Rat Tails that attach with a recessed screw lock. Comes with all HD stainless screw eyes and a thick smooth Lexan lip. The Rumble makes a great knock and squeak that draws them from deep or stained water. Great Night time Rat as well. You will need heavy gear to properly fish this one. Preferably fished with a heavy duty snap or ring. *Tails will get torn off, and this rat will get hook rash. All Rats are Resin based*
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Item NameRumble Rat (Fur)
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AddedFebruary 11, 2023