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A spin tail that makes a blade bite. "KRO Spintail" is a stress-free, high-speed rotating original blade that guides you to bites with the fish-collecting effect of flushing and waves. will raise it. The low center of gravity circuit board body with stable swim posture and fall posture greatly reduces line troubles entwined with blades and hooks, making it a must-have spin tail not only in the high season but also in the winter season. KRO SPINTAIL SIZE: 3/8oz (44mm body) 2018.9 release. BODY FORM The body, which uses a low specific gravity 0.8mm circuit board and has a low center of gravity, achieves a high-response start-up and stable swimming and falling. In addition, the well-balanced flight attitude and high accuracy and long cast power give a big advantage to the okappa angler. BLADE The original shield-shaped blade specialized for rotation shows an outstanding rise that rotates even with a slight water flow, and the stress-free high-speed rotation of the bearing swivel creates flushing and waves, and it is highly effective in attracting fish from slow to fast retrieve. bring it in. In addition, the blade whose range of motion is fixed by the tube reduces entanglement with lines and hooks. In addition, it will be a setting that facilitates replacement such as tuning, damage and deterioration. ASSIST WIRE HOOK An assist wire hook with an exquisite setting that guides the hook to a position where you can hook up a blade bite that cannot be hooked. HOOK: #12 SPLIT RING: #1 ACTION In a wide area search in a flat area or in a situation where you are actively chasing a bait, you can simply wind it for free and it will show amazing power against clear lake bass where tight waves are hard to hit. Also, even in lift and fall in the deep range, the rotation wave and flushing of the blade effectively appeal to slow bass. Blade set for KRO spin tail KRO SPINTAIL BLADE SET gold, silver, black 4/pac ¥660 (tax excluded ¥600) The color of the posted image may look slightly different from the actual product depending on the shooting environment and the computer or mobile phone carrier you are viewing. Please note.
Color Options
#01 Smelt
#02 Tanago
#06 ice fish
#05 Red Gill
#09 Oil holo
#08 Crown
#07 crucian carp
#10 black

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