KGB White Crappie

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The KGB Crappie has been a project long in the making. You will get best results using subtle reel cranks but do not be afraid to get wild with the bait either. It will work great around docks, structures, and everything in between. Designed to replicate a wild white crappie this pattern utilizes various layers of subtle pearl pigments and distinct markings to fool even the weariest of largemouth. This boat is finished off with a matte topcoat. Length 8", Slow Sink, ROF 3-4, and Average 3.25oz
8 Inch
Slow Sink
ROF 3-4

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Tackle MakerKGB
Item NameKGB White Crappie
CategorySwimbaits - Get realistic swimbaits for better fishing.
Item ID000134
AddedFebruary 11, 2023