Jenkolistic Swim Bait

This realistic, five section, jointed swim-bait is a fish magnet! It's unique loud knocking rattle system calls the fish and provokes more strikes. You can fish this bait most anywhere from deep to shallow. Available in 6", 7", and 8" sizes, the JenkoListic swim-bait brings a innovative new look, action, and sound to the market. It's features include: medium sinking (approx. 1 foot per second) stainless steel joints extra sharp treble hooks premium paint and imagery Available in 3 sizes: 6 Inch, 7 Inch and 8 Inch.
Color Options
Citras Shad
Gizzard Shad
Live Shad

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Item NameJenkolistic Swim Bait
CategorySwimbaits - Get realistic swimbaits for better fishing.
Item ID001121
AddedAugust 8, 2023