Huddleston Deluxe 68 Special Top Hook

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Over the last few years savvy tournament fisherman have secretly been modifying the 6inch trout by cutting the tail off and gluing the tail of an 8inch trout, resulting in a hard-kicking (numbers producing) little package. To spare you the agony of cutting a $29.00 bait to glue to a $20.00 bait, we are releasing the 68 SPECIAL in limited quantities. First come first served. I'm not sure if we will ever bring this lure into full production, time and the fish will tell.
ROF 12
Color Options
Special UV Night Stalker
Special Blueback Herring
Special HBC
Special Silver Green Back Shad
Special Silver Black Back
Special Rainbow
Special Hitch
Special Brown Hitch
Special Spawning Kokanee
Special Yellow Perch
Special Area 51
Special Golden Shiner
Special Death Valley
Special Chiquita Platano
Special M.D. PEARL
Special Neptune
Special Brite Kokanee
Special MONEY
Special Fire Tiger
Special Top Hook Fireclaw
Special Albino

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Tackle MakerHuddleston Deluxe
Item NameHuddleston Deluxe 68 Special Top Hook
CategorySoft Swimbaits - Fool fish with realistic soft swimbaits.
Item ID000151
AddedFebruary 12, 2023