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The deps hip bag mini is recommended for lightweight bank fishermen. Two deps3010NDM can be stored in the main bag, and 318SD can be stored in each front pocket. In addition, it has a mesh pocket, inner pocket, pliers holster and a D tube, so it boasts a high storage capacity despite its mini size. You can easily enjoy short-time fishing and fishing with less tackle. It is also ideal for horse mackerel, rockfish, and egging. The tarpaulin fabric, which is resistant to rain and dirt and has high strength, and the casual camo pattern design and brown color are also suitable for town use. deps HIP BAG MINI Black: Tarpaulin fabric ¥ 5,500 (tax excluded ¥ 5,000) 2018.11 End of production Brown: ¥5,170 (¥4,700 excluding tax) 2018.7 End of production Duck: ¥5,720 (¥5,200 excluding tax) 2019.2 End of production Size: H150 x W260 x D80mm Material: Polyester (PVC) 2013.5 release.
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Tackle MakerDeps
Item NameDeps HIP BAG MINI
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AddedFebruary 19, 2023