Andromeda Glide Swimbait

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Introducing Andromeda by 86 Baits, a 10" high-performance fishing lure designed to take your angling experience to new heights. This slow-sinking, 6.4 oz lure is engineered to attract and catch a wide variety of game fish in various aquatic environments. The Andromeda lure is equipped with size 4 Zero Rings and size 1 Hooks from Underground Supply Co., ensuring maximum durability and secure hooksets. Its stainless steel swiveling hook hanger provides exceptional mobility, allowing the lure to move freely and replicate the natural movements of underwater prey. Featuring flexible fins, the Andromeda lure displays lifelike action in the water, enticing even the most elusive fish. The captivating Green Gizzard pattern by Underground Supply Co. enhances its realism and visual appeal, making it a must-have for your next fishing adventure. Proudly made in the USA, the Andromeda lure by 86 Baits is a crucial addition to any angler's tackle box. Experience the difference and elevate your fishing prowess with this premium, innovative lure. • 10” • 6.4 oz • Slow sink • Underground Supply Co Zero Rings(size 4) • Underground Supply Co Hooks(size 1) • Stainless Steel Swiveling Hook Hanger • Flexible Fins • Rainbow Trout by Underground Supply Co. • Made in USA
Green Gizzard
London Bridge Shiner
Rainbow Trout

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