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A buzzbait with strong vibration and a left-right asymmetric prop. The “Matsubuzz” induces a crazy reaction bite with the squeaky sound generated by the strong vibration and rubbing of the prop. The prop has a large contact surface between the wire and the rivet and has a squeaking sound that is louder than other buzzbaits. You can also attach the weight sticker, for a more powerful movement that shakes the head and skirt. The Matsubuzz has a unique water push and will make the bass go crazy with the sound. MATSU BUZZ WEIGHT: 1 / 2oz Rotate clockwise (R stamp): Left rotation (L stamp): White mount Left-right asymmetric prop The left-right asymmetric prop promotes eccentric movement. If you attach the attached weight sticker to the backside of the blade, the vibration will increase. If you want to weaken the action or speed up the rise, do not attach the attached weight sticker and use it as it is. Left / right rotation prop By properly using the right-handed and left-handed props, it is possible to fish along cover where the bite changes frequently. ■ Rotate right: The bait will run right towards the cover. ■ Left rotation: The bait will run left towards cover. Squeak sound The prop has a large contact point to get a louder squeaking sound as the prop rotates. The custom rivet and larger wire diameter add to the sound. Wire diameter Φ1.6mm arm The bait has great balance and runs straight without rolling or tipping over. This helps to get a better hookup percentage. Rear center of gravity head design Many buzzbaits are hard to cast because of the resistance in the air, but the Matsubuzz has an improved rear center of gravity for better casting distance. It has a thick 4/O hook for fighting big bass. Skirt The skirt is cut short so it swings more and because it has an irregular shape, it is constantly moving for a unique action in the water. Setting The blade will make contact with the wire right out of the package but you can experiment with different settings The flap behind the prop can be adjusted for more or less contact with the rivet. * The prop and arm are set to make contact with each other, but in order to maximize the performance, adjust the blade flaps as needed for more contact. You can experiment with different adjustments to get louder or softer sounds.
Color Options
#01 Blue Smoke
#02 Dead Grass
#03 Green Crystal
#06 Lime chart
#04 Jet Black

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